What a challenge this is!


@roost1 it’s also a good idea to Shell out a few dollars for the storage solution and the 7.0 calibration solution


They will be in my next Amazon order.


This week went by super fast. I found a critter on one of my plants. I don’t think he had time to eat much. When I crunched him in the paper towel he made a pretty green spot.



make sure you inspect that plant good, those things can be the death of a plant, burrowing into the buds, laying eggs, and causing bud rot from the inside out (if you are at that point yet)…


Thanks. I will need to look at them closer I never thought of them laying eggs.


I went ahead and fimed the tallest tops on these bad girls.



Garage is smelling kind of funky so I’m going to have to ventilate my tent. I have a 4" inline fan.
Where is the best place to mount the fan?
If I vent the tent directly into the attic will it spread into the house?
Should I get a filter and if so where should I put it.
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i mounted mine above my head but that was a pain…more room in tent though for plants…


Where does it vent to?


@roost1 I think before answering the most important factor is are you in a legal state? If so you could vent it outside. If not, you could vent it to the attic, however I will caution you that people will smell it outside also.


Best place is right in the tent, as in the photo below. I just vent out the top of tent after the filter/fan…

But if you do not have room, you could just put the filter in the tent, and the fan in the attic. Or worst case, put fan and filter in attic (not nearly as efficient)…

But without a filter somewhere it will smell and it will escape somewhere, venting to the attic it would creep in other places possibly, depending on vents and lights near ceiling, and of course outside if any neighbors are close…


Not a legal state. It’s not strong enough yet to smell outside.


Is it more efficient in the top of the tent than the bottom?


I can not say as for smell, but at the top it also acts to get rid of rising heat from lights. I have never seen one on the bottom before, not saying it isn’t done, I just haven’t seen it yet…


Not legal, then you can just install the carbon filter and vent into the room. There won’t be a smell after that’s installed. Heck, I had my plants in the laundry room and I installed the carbon filter and it removed the dirty laundry smell too!! @roost1
And as @Ron330 says, top of the tent is best. It removes heat and draws in cool air at the bottom. Some people have I let fans, but it’s not always needed.


Yep I agree with removing air from top of tent. Most common way is to install filter inside tent, drawing air through the filter and then exhausting to wherever outside of your tent.


How many tines can you use these filters?


hey @roost1 i’ve used my 4’’ for over a year…it really depends on your rh/and how much stink you try filtering…
RH[relative humidity]a high rh will make cheap filters clog.
so there are a few factors in play