What a challenge this is!


Decided to go ahead and fim them on the 26th of November.
Took them eight days to recover but they grew a bunch of new tops.
#6 has 6 and #7 has 10.



And these two are from last week. I’ll take a couple more today and post them later…
Hey everybody thanks for looking.



12 /17 Tomorrow is the last day of week 6 of Veg.
Last week I learned the PH I was using was for Hydro and to low for soil. I still have a run off with low PH 4.9. Any ideas on how to bring PH up without repotting? I watered twice this week with PH 7.4 H20 and it brought it up a little.

Not sure If I should fim these again or not?


@roost1 youll need to water with a higher ph water until you get a better runoff. There are some other ways i think, but Let me tag some growers over. They will want you to fill out a support ticket to better assess the situation.
@bob31 @Covertgrower @dbrn32


Thanks. Support ticket at the start of the thread.


Never exceed the maximum recommended ph when trying to raise or lower soil ph. In your case, 6.8 would be better. Also, the ppm can affect the ph more with high amounts of dissolved minerals. In other words: during feeding would be most effective rather than water only.


@roost1 you may want to repost so its accesible without scrolling a bunch


Flush your plant with good ph’d water until you reach that pH goal in your run off… take the last bit of run off water and see what your ppm is so that way when she drys out you will know how many ppm to feed her with her next watering and you should be right back on track… :wink:

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looking great @roost1


Good info up there. I don’t think they look bad at at all.


Uploading… Still cant get photos to upload from my camera.


This is #7 last night.





These last two are #6


All of the plants look good!


Looks great dude! :smile:


Well I just read in another journal that using deionized water may affect the performance of the PH meter due to lack of ions. I am using deionized water. I got a new meter about two weeks ago and I thought it was junk, (about to send it back) but this would explain its problem.
When I put the meter in a glass of water reading goes up quick then gradually keeps going down. The longer I leave it the farther it goes down. Maybe why my soil is reading so low.