What a challenge this is!


hey ,i call that a success @roost1


Good job :clap:t2: Now comes the lesson in patience … letting it cure​:blush:


Looks like it will hold you over for awhile. @roost1 great job.


Excellent @roost1. Is that typical for your grows?


Was my first harvest. My first two attempts failed last summer due to excessive heat in my garage. With the lights on in the tent and the fan full blast the temperature got to 113 degrees.


Ouch! Note to self: Don’t roast your cannabis plants.:writing_hand:


@roost1 @merlin44 my tent got 122 degrees and they survived. Don’t recommend it, there was damage, but they survived. Lol


@dbrn32 I am gonna buy a new light for my 2’ x 4’ grow space. Which do you prefer?

320 watt XL QB- 324 Quantum Board Kit 2850 K spectrum.


HLG 260 watt XL Quantum Board Led Kit V-2 3000 K spectrum.


i love new grow toys!


Either should do a great job in there. Efficacy is little higher on 288 boards, but I think the 324 board gives you a very slight shift in light spectrum. I haven’t investigated output numbers very close, but I’d say whichever is currently cheaper?