What a challenge this is!


ILGM White Widow feminized Order # 185865
Sprouted 10/27
Transplanted to FFOF in 3 gallon fabric pots 11/18
Only water when necessary. Index finger second knuckle
5.8 due to confusion of medium, changed to 6.5 12/09, run off was 4.5
Indoor 24 x 48 x 72 tent in my garage.
Miezhi 600w 280w draw. 20 inches from top of plants
highs 85 lows 65
Humidity no controls 60% average
No CO2


@roost1 im along for the ride!


awesome @roost1 sounds like a great start!


Welcome All.
I started about a year ago with some bag seed I was given, a couple cracked but none sprouted.
So I bought some (5) cheap seeds from another site. 2 cracked the other 3 never did.
One died early and the other did pretty well until it grew some balls.

I found this site in April and started reading everything. What a terrific place, so much information available, and folks helping each other. I figured out pretty quick if I wanted to do this right I was goin to have to invest some time and money.

I bit the bullet and bought some White widow feminized seeds and I’m off to the races.
Started off with 3 seeds in my hand and when I got to the garage there were only two. They both cracked and I popped them in some vermiculite. One died the other was coming along.
Started 2 more one cracked the other never did. So I have 2 plants growing outside and doing well. When they started getting a little bigger I was afraid the neighbors were going to figure out what I was doing so I got a lite and brought them inside. I never realized how hot it was in the garage and they didn’t last long.

I’m not giving up I’ll do a winter grow in South Florida. I started #6 and #7 in late October.


@roost1 sorry for your luck! This forum does wonders and everyone here is so helpful


Thanks but that wasn’t bad luck it was poor planning.


@roost1 acceptance is the first step! Lol


I’ll highlight the first 6 weeks real quick.
Everything pretty normal the first week.



@roost1 looks like you’re off to a great start! What do you have for lighting when you grow inside?

Welcome to the forum! We all want you to be successful so if you have any issues just tag us with @Covertgrower so we are notified of your response. If you tag someone and they don’t know the answer. They’ll tag someone ones who knows. Happy growing.


Gad to see you are doing the journal. You will do well with another set of eyes looking over your shoulder!

Ask questions and use the site search and you will get plenty of answers! @roost1


@roost1 just wanted to stop by say hello :wave:
Welcome to forum
No question is a stupid question :+1:
So ask should you meed assistance you can feel free to tag me
Happy growing CB


Well , welcome this baby girls here and we all ready to assist…


Well I was going to finish up the intro last Sunday nite but the site went down after I typed most of it up so it never got posted and I lost it.
Plants did well for about ten days then my phone fell from my shirt pocket and dislodged number seven from her cup, the roots looked good for the few seconds before I put her back and gave her a good drink.

I went ahead and started an eight seed in case 7 didn’t survive but it quickly cracked and died.
10 days later 7 was still struggling but looked to survive.



Good start! Do ask questions and don’t forget that we were ALL where you are now. Happy to help out.



@roost1 it may be the pic, but ur soil looks a little too wet… but it could be the angle! Also, make sure those pots have holes in them for drainage. You will want to transplant into larger (preferably fabric) pots! Otherwise youre off to a great start!


11/19 22 days from sprout. Ph was high in the little cups so I flushed them and repotted in FFOF and 3 gallon fabric pots. Also broke my yellow PH meter this week.

11/24 Plans responded nicely to re potting.



@roost1 yes you will like the fabric pots better! Are your plants autos or photos. If photos, you want 5 gal pots. Autos can manage with 3