Wh ain’t my plants done it’s October



Some just take longer to mature. The seeds description is just a guide not set in stone some strains can take 11 to 12 weeks to fully mature just depends. When did they start flowering


They look done to me.

Some plants take longer to finish. More sunlight during the day also equals bigger buds.


I am at week 12 and still have clear trics on these WWA, patience is a virtue.


IMO let them go! I like couch lock though. My trichomes went clear to cloudy in a week. Rock on man!:sunglasses:


I think this question is moot, looks like it’s been harvested already


Looks done if it’s cut down


If the humidity is high then you might want to think about harvesting… but looking at your girls as of now … I would wait at least 3 to 4 more weeks if weather permits… :wink:
Maybe a lil longer honestly… :wink:
Alot of green there still… :wink:


Top post looks harvested already… lol…:grin:



That’s why I said they looked done. :rofl::joy:


That was just a peace of it obviously if I said it wasn’t done


One top out of 16 got two and half pounds off the one plant ten feet tall total wight of all ten and a half pounds from four plants


Chopping if not done alreadu