Wet to dry how much weight at the end of harvest clean buds?

Hello fell@s growers
Good vibes to all and happy growing!!
Question just harvest 2 plants ak48 nirvana seeds…
Got them in veg for 8 weeks 16/8 light
Flowering for another 9 weeks 12/12 light
I got wet 589.5g how much gonna end dry???
I been checking it lost 60 /75% in drying
So from 589.5 gonna end with close to 150.g dry???
I think I answer my own question but more advice o info better

main cola harvest time


I don’t know that there is an exact formula for figuring wet to dry weight loss but 150g for 17 weeks is a good start. Now you kinda know based on how much you smoke how often to start germinating seeds so you never run out. They look like healthy buds. Good job

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Normally get 1/4 to 1/5 after it dries

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Yup. That weight loss hurts your feelings. But solid pull. Looks like grade a smoke. Dont forget ur cure! And like the Hornd One said. It drops to 25-35% of the og weight. More if you have alot of stems n leaves


I always guesstimate a 75% to 80% loss in weight during the drying and curing process… :wink:
Every once in a while , you get a good strain with super dense buds and your weight will be higher… :wink:



Congrats on the harvest
My limited experience has been total wet weight after wet trimming and leaving the buds on branches then divided by 4 and that is what I am getting for my total dry weight after removing buds from branches and jarring them for the cure.
Pretty much what yours did


Yep that’s about right

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