Wet Nutes and Using Bloom


Hi all. Ive been using moon dust with great results.(veg nutes high in N etc) Does anyone know why **the closed/sealed bag**, that is kept in a dark cool place, gets soaking wet inside the bag? The fertilizer is nice light blue powder when you get it. After 6 months, the powder is very wet and hard to properly measure for no reason at all. It doesnt seem to affect the way it works, but where does all that moisture come from?? Secondly, when I switch over to bloom nutes after the 3rd week of flowering, I usually use only 1 tablespoon of BLOOM per gallon of water per the instructions…however, that does not get me to 900 TDS. That is only about 350 or so. Do I use my moon dust (veg nutes higher in N )also to bring it up to 900…or do I not use my veg nutes anymore and use more BLOOM only to get to 900 TDS? Thx in advance.


It could be really humid in the spot that your storing it, that might be causing your in the bag moisture.


I’m with @Mrgreen3461
Do you keep it in your basement ?
If you don’t have a dehumidifier going you can get very high humidity levels or in a garage the humidity will go up and down with outdoor humidity?
Maybe put it in a seal container next time ?