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Hey everyone, I live in West Africa and have been growing for about 6 years because the genetics detiorated drastically over the past 10 years and I couldn’t stand smoking any more bush weed. I’ve done small back yard grows (25 plants) to mid sizes outdoors/greenhouses.(400) . I’ve made a lot of mistakes and lost quite a bit of money but have managed to grow decent stuff for he past 2 years. I’d like to share experiences and find solutions with people who are in a similar situation. It’s 12/12 all year round with humidity in the 80’s to 90’s 7 months of the year. There’s very poor electricity supply so indoors is too expensive. I’m planning my next grow though I’m doing some rain season plants. It’s the first time I’m doing this during this period and it’s ll try to post and share . Bless


First pic is rain season plants I’m doing now and second pic is fastbuds gifts I harvested this February.

@Wandada Wow that is cool! I live in San Diego, Ca. and am an outdoor only grower! Welcome to The Forum! You will find a wealth of knowledge about growing, and every thing else here unlike anywhere else on Earth. There is at least 1 person on here that will have an answer about what you need to know. And yes please keep a journal, and keep the pics coming!


Thanks highcountrygal. I have been contemplating joining a forum for quite a while now and I’m glad I finally did join ilgm.
Over time I’ve come to develop a soil mix which works great for me right through veg and up to 4-5 weeks in flowering.
I get soil taken from charcoal burning sites. 70% of the population still use charcoal and its prepared by slow burning wood that been covered with soil. After the charcoal has been removed I buy the burned soil/ash mix that’s left under. I mix this with chicken dung taken from my dad’s poultry, fruit bat guano sourced from a cave along the coast( I dry it under the sun for about a week before mixing), banana peels (also from my dad’s garden) whole pineapples (got that from an old Jamaican Ras) , fish gut and cow bones boiled for hours and then mashed up in a bag. I’ve managed to source coco coir from an agricultural company here for a while now so I put about 15% coco and let this mix compost in 200l barrels under the sun for at least 3-4 months before I use.
I use 10% mix of this with coco and 20% rice husks. for my seedlings, 20% mix with coco and 20% rice husks for first transplant and 60% this mix with 40% rice husk( no coco) for the final repotting.
I also foliar feed with organic seaweed concentrate every two weeks till about 2-3 weeks into flowering.
I’ve tried using this and only phd water 6.2-6.5 (I use rain water and tap that’s been left under the sun for at least 24 hrs) till the end of grow but didn’t get dense buds, sweet tasting though. I used biobizz bloom and topmax and biobizz bloom and canna pk14/14 and got better result with the latter. I know mixing nutrients from different companies is not advisable but I bought nutes from a indoor hydro grow that didn’t happen, tested it and loved the results. I’d love to use locally sourced everything for my grow as Amazon and shipping are a bitch and will love some advise on that. Power is a problem here but I’ve used generators and 85w energy saving bulbs. It’s 12/12 all year round so it’s usually lights on from 7-2. Got timers . I flush for 2 weeks and don’t water for last 4-5 days before harvest.
My main problems have been pests. White flies,gnats ,mites caterpillars grasshoppers you name it. I use organic Neem oil 2ml/L with some liquid soap from 1st week till 2 nd week flowering. I don’t really like it though as it always causes burns to lower leaves. (Note: need help with that). I’ve bought Cannacure for small grows but it only helps as a preventive. It can’t get rid of spider mites or white flies. Humidity is high all year round but there’s a north eastern dry wind that blows around December to January called harmattan and most experienced growers try to get their main harvest around that time. You can still grow till April -May when the rain season starts but humidity levels are on the increase so I normally do autos or sativa dominant plants.
I’ve been getting seeds from dope-seeds ( God bless the Man) without fail100% of the time and thanks to Dinafem,Mandala and especially Fastbuds for letting me try out their amazing selection . I want American and Canadian genetics for my October grow and working on it. I’m doing an experiment at the moment though which is trying to flower 5 selected plants at the height of rain season. The rains start soon and I’m putting them into 12/12 to go with it and should be harvesting around August-September when humidity is 90-99%. I’ve got this product called Botryprot that’s supposed to kill bud rot so this should be interesting.
Got to go now but I look forward to any input. Thanks and Bless.





Welcome to the forum.
Look into buying predatory bugs. They sell eggs u shake in your garden that hatch and eat amy pest or problem bugs and do a damn good job of it. I use ladybugs in all my outdoor gardening. I havemt bought in a while but they are easy to find online. If u google “mendodope predatory bugs” they have some cool time lapse videos of them hatching and going to town eating spidermites. Hope this helps.

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Thanks Familyman420. I have read about them but assumed I couldn’t ship them. I usually get stuff from UK and it takes about a month to get here. Looking into it right now

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Might be worth the extra $ to pay for the fastest shipping possible.


I’m here and i’ll be watching and if I can be of any help you just ask,


Hey everyone!
I’ve been doing some research and it seems you apply these

when it’s 16 c.It’s 22c at the coolest here so I’m not sure . Found another company called Fargo in UK and they only supply on an industrial level. I can only get stuff like this from UK as it’s easier to post by UPS or Aramex. Any other suggestions are most welcome.

Mixing dimiscus earth with your soils before planting and maybe a light top dressing now would help with alot of those soil based bugs. I dump a 15lb bag of it into my supersoil i use for outdoor growing.

Thanks Familyman420, did it few days ago.

Top dress only

have only about 5-6 kgs left

A much cheaper option then neem oil for outdoor grows would be 1 1/2 oz of canola oil and 5 drops of dawn dish soap mixed with 1 gallon of good ph’d water and spray at least every 2 weeks and only at night or 2 hours before sun up…


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Thanks peachfuzz, canola oil is easy to get but there’s no dawn dish soap here. I checked and the UK equivalent is fairy soap . Same procter and gamble company. We tend to get more UK products here.Will do in about few days and let you know the results. Bless

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Rains started, 2 days 12/12 and DE shower


And these babies are 1 moby dick-dinafem,2 original amnesia-dinafem, 1 og Kush-royal queen and 1 local gift that’s unknown but supposed to be very high thcv.

Sprinkled DEall over the ladies and washed it off with seaweed and botryprot. No pests just less sunshine now with the rains beginning .