Were to place a/c

Just bought a New A/c for my 4×4 tent For Hlg600rspec, any suggestions on were to put it… thinking about leaving it on the outside of tent and pumping cold air to the light??

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I use it outside the tent and pump it into the tent through a lower duct. When I use it… but would like to hear what everyone else does

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Mine is outside the tent along with the humidifier and dehumidifier. The tents temp and humidity level is always close to what the room is other than the day I water then the tent’s a couple % higher humidity for a day.
Intake air comes from the room and blows outside.
Edit: lights on, tent is also 2-3 degrees higher than room but no big deal, I don’t let the room get higher than 75ish.
I run more exhaust fan cfm than needed for tent size so air doesn’t have long for temp to rise in there

What type of AC portable. How about exhaust and condensate?

@Dieselgrow1031 thats what I was Going to do is just pump it in but wanted So see what Yall Think!! @Sativafan

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What do you mean what type of ac Portable?? And exhaust?? And Condensate @beardless