Went ahead and flipped

Ok so these are my blueberry fem photos which are 75% indica I went ahead and flipped them to flower 4 days ago because I really don’t know what else to do to them since this is my first attempt at growing and I dont want to mess them up since I have made it this far. I am planning on doing more after these are done and applying the the things I have learned by not doing the mistakes I did on this one. Going to use frabric pots because I struggled so much with over water and all I did was keep transferring to bigger pots and never giving nutes. I am going to give it tiger bloom in flower


Looks great bud!!!

About 10-12 days in, trim the lower third of each branch to help promote upper canopy growth (more power to the top equals bigger colas).

This will promote great airflow to the underside/canopy. And less biomass eating your nutes means more biomass for flower. :cherry_blossom:

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They look lovely.
Go shared and get some trellis netting and lay down over the tops. Do some low stress training(gently bend tops) and run horizontally to spread out canopy. That way your lights will be better utilized.