Welp, lesson learned know better next time

Welp, after harvesting and drying i only came out to 1.5oz per plant of the G13 Auto. I think the mistake i made was cropping. I treated them just like my photos and mistakes were made… hey, i still got some top shelf bud… plus i just ordered Banana Kush Autos… i have 1 more G13 im going to grow and not touch it as far as LST and cropping. Same with the Banana Kush…


Na growmie, I would not top it but lst I would. It’s a way to gain yeild with less stress on a auto in my own opinion.

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My first four autos are curing right now. Didn’t top, fim or any HST. But I did a ton of LST. At some point I had 15-20 ties on every one of them. Pulled a little over 15 zips from the four. I think LST is the go to for autos. I did break one of them first time I bent it. Ended up with two main stalks line it had been topped. I been thinking heavily about topping at least one gg4 when I start them, but given the mixed results with topping I may just stick with what works for sure.


@Outlaw yea, im not going to top for now on. If LST is the way to go, then ill try just the LST next time. There are alot of other things that went on early that couldve added some stress. About a 3rd of the way through i completely stopped using Humbolts and started using COM amendments. This next time around, im going to use strictly COM. My PPMs with the COM were more consistent. I had beautiful buds, and thought for sure i had more than what i ended up with…

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@Outlaw what is your light setup on 4?

Im running a HLG 320XL and Vivosun VS2000

Used VS2000 for the first couple weeks then HLG 350R. Tent is 2x4 so it was cramped in there. Probably be going with three plants next run.