Well water with water softener

I live out in BFE Minnesota and have well water. Since the water is so hard we have a water softener. I have been buying distilled water by the gallon. That has been ok but it is getting very expensive. The question I have is, can I use my well softened water with Fox farms nutes as long as I keep my ph levels good and keep an eye on my tds before the nutes and after? Or can I run the water through a Britta filter and just Balance it after?

same prob in Alaska , i just bought a R.O system. and had it going about a week and it makes a big difference . my water was 260 ppm high high lime and sodium … they have them on amazon and ebay .,Amazon mite ship it for free tho … depending on your needs will dictate the size … remember their designed to work at 77 f optimally.for every degree lower you loose 3-4% efficacy. PM me and ill put you in contact with a guy that can answer all your RO system needs … my water is now 0-5 ppm so now my girls get only wholesome water that doesn’t effect my nutes . Hammer

oops put the reply in wrong … see my answer on ur topic Hammer

I tested my tap water at ph 7.5ish and ppm 45-50 which is expected because my water comes from a clean river and its filtered UV’ed before it gets to me.
But the odd thing is after I run it thru my filter its 7.8ish it jumps up in ppm to 50-60 ?

have you tried changing filters ??? Are they R.O. filters?? ph mite be the thing to be worried about depending h2o composition… i just bumped up to a new r.o. setup and went from 260 ppm down to 5 ppm… and loving it .my girls ARE LOVEING IT :heart_eyes: Hammer

Amazon has good deals and ebay to. buy according to need. a small one mite be about 150-175$ and can make25-50 gallons a day and you can store it and use as needed .use a plastic holding tank and use a float controlled shut off valve . mine is a 300 GPD unite … Hammer.

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