Well this sucks, guess it’s butter time

So three clones, all looking like this. This is the end of first full week of 12/12. Was sick for the past 2 weeks so didn’t pay a lot of attention to the grow and maybe was in denial of what was going on; fam member taking care of watering and nutes so really didn’t look as much as I should’ve. Add an unseasonal heat wave in the mix for a few days and could’ve stressed them. Supposedly clones from female but at this point who knows.

The only 3 in there right now so don’t have to worry about any naughty time in the dark with other plants… guess it’s time to make some concentrates. Hard to scrap them entirely…

Those allre males sry to btmreak it to you

Before u chop u might wsna hsrvedt pollen

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But yes thode sre sll males wp0 i hsve either s serious light leske temp ph or temp seing issue

Someone gave you male clones, I would not consider them a friend.


Those are boys my guy sorry

so anything i can do at this point with them? make canabutter maybe?

I’d collect pollen if you wanna expienment in cross breeding if not nope cut burn and dump far far away lol sorry bud

yeah will be back at the clone shop tomorrow

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Make sure you don’t have a light leak first.
Also don’t burn it spreads it.
Just toss in the green bin or mulch it and compost it.

Light leaks or stress can cause hermaphrodites. That’s a straight up male plant.


That’s frustrating. Those look entirely males

You might want to do a very thorough cleaning of your fans and filters, as well as your tent walls. A damp cloth will do. Pollen can be really prolific.


Wet the plants before moving them.


set up is in my office, only gets used during the day and no lights on at night…I do leave the bottom mesh vent open though so maybe some electronic alexa/charger/LED of some sort is enough? the bottom vent is 8in under the lip of the pot as well, so any light coming in would be on the pot/floor. or a hallway light on sometimes but the vent is on the side of the tent away from the room door (the corner is totally shaded form the hall light, just checked. even outdoors at night there’d be moon and never total blackness?
reading some say it’s possible to use the leaves for concentrates. ripping out 3x 3ft tall plants at this point seems silly…even if not as potent as girly buds I can make some cookies or something. idk, just dont want to waste 2 months of growing (time nute $$)

Man you can make amwhatever with males but the massive headache doesn’t even touch the “buzz” you can make some topicals if you’re into that

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cool. starting over tomorrow with some sealed up store bought branded feminized seeds…after a scrub down of all my gear. yippeee.

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Well best thing to do is stand inside the tent with lights off. Let your eyes adjust and take a look.

I would also say iether junk or topicals

@KeystoneCops has a good trick, spray the plant before you move it or garbage bag it inside the tent one or the other.

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Yeah growing isn’t hassle free or labour free that’s for sure. I think many mistakes growing cannabis as easy and anyone can do with no knowledge.

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Awesome trufullly never accepted clones from anyone but my own fem plants seeed to harvest is just so satisfying

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@Nicky @Noobgrower95 thanks for the help…won’t be getting clones again from that shop! reputable seeds from here on out