Well, that didn't work! (was 2 plant mega scrog)




Girl Scout cookies turned out pretty good this is its third week of flower





Might not have enough light in this tent that caused some stretching but that’s okay because the chronic Widow on the right is going to be edibles, and the Girl Scout cookie looks like it’s coming in pretty good so I’m not worried about this little grow going on here.





They look great. And sounds like plenty of light. I’m sure the QB would save you some electricity but otherwise you’re killing it right now.


Wow!! Looking great!! :eyes:




I remember the very first time early last year I had four going in a 4 by 4 tent and it was a jungle in there. Will never grow that many in that small of a tent right now I got two in there and it’s filling the tent up. I thought I had 10 lb going but live and learn. That was when the AC broke and it was early spring and humidity was 100%. I threw away 3/4 of it from Bud rot. But what I’m trying to say is when they are growing it looks like you have a lot there but when it dries out is almost amazing how little is left. Even my brother thinks I stashed some away somewhere and I didn’t. If I get 10 + ozee out of this I will be happy and get a little extra out of the 4 x 4 tent that has the CW and GSC. I won’t be in such a hurry to start a new grow and hopefully have enough to last me through winter. I am 58 years old and have taken many prescription medications from the doctor but I can tell you I have taken blood pressure medicine for 10 years and pain medication for many years and now that I can grow my own I cut out a lot of the crap that you get with commercial grow and lo and behold my blood pressure medicine I thrown in the trash my blood pressure is running around 1 16 / 68 consistently. Also the arthritic pain in all my joints including my back are relieved from the CBDs. The stress and pressure of life is relieved by THC


I raced Moto-X when I was younger. It messed up my knees … have arthritis bad (47 years old).

I refuse to take opioids unless 1,000,000 necessary…

It is one of the reasons I grow … Big Pharma can go F themselves…


Amen. I heard that!



They really change a lot.