Well, that didn't work! (was 2 plant mega scrog)


@Grinder0327 Nah, there’s really nothing difficult about it but it does take more patience because you extend your veg period. You can spend more time growing out before growing up. I’ll be throwing up the net in a few days in my grow journal if you want to watch.


From another first time grower… don’t worry about it when you think you’re messing up or something " doesn’t look right". Also, when you don’t think she’s where she does be, give her a week. It’ll happen. Take pics and ask the questions. It’s called weed for a reason. It can recover from our rookie mistakes.



I’m just a bit worried.
1.5 days after lowering lights

Probably over watering and nutes too early.

White Widow

Blue Haze


Looks like light burn more then nute. Take it back to 30 and creep down an inch or so every day or so. N watch her closely.


Thanks mate - just moved the light up. I’ll move it down gradually.

Also watered until runoff with ph 6 water. No more love for a few days.


Counting nodes…
On node 3 or 4?

Why so slow little ones?

They are both 4 weeks since going into a glass of water.


with amputated leaf



What are they, in coco or soil? What size pots? see you said you gave nutes about 3 days ago… ph being off will stunt her growth till corrected, over watering will also throw ph off and damage roots. Could be either one. They look about the right size for a quarter dose of nutes. @digga


in coco…10cm square pots (they sprouted in 5cm pots).

yeah, watered 3 days ago with water at ph 5.8. Run off was 6.2. My ph may have been a bit high when I started. My tap water is very soft and about ph 7.5. I have to use ph down.

I don’t want to flush measure run off again because it’s still moist. I’ll do that tomorrow and dose with nutes.

For 1/4 dose nutes, what EC should I be aiming for (I’m dosing canna which says I should be at EC 1.1 at this stage)?


I tried growing coco and hated it. The Ppms for a plant that size should be around 100-200 to start her off. Yes ph off will do that. We need to tag some coco growers to this. @Myfriendis410


This was my nute plan…

I’m about 3 weeks behind where I think I should be!

According to canna - I should be at EC 1.3 straight out of the gate (about 600-900ppm depending on which converrsion factor you use :|) .


Anyone watching know what this means?

  • Water in…ph 5.9 EC 1.4
  • Run off (about 30% run off) - ph 6.1 EC 0.1

Is my coco severely depleted?


Try lowering the PH in or use some distilled water with a couple of drops of Superthrive. …

Coco doesn’t get depleted. You get out what you put in.

I’ve seen slow starts due to the PH being off.


So I’m kinda on a schedule here and the decision day was today.

I need to finish drying before the middle of February and I want a long veg. If these stunted plants don’t yield, I’m stuck until next March to start a new crop.

I figure 5cm high and 6-8 small leaves after 4 weeks…well, something is definitely wrong.

So I’ve decided to chance another couple of seeds and hope they take off and overtake these two.

I just popped two white widow fem seeds into covered bowls of water (soft tap water with ph down to 6.5) and put them in the tent (at around 24°C, 75%RH).

I’m going to be following Canna’s nutrient guide which recommends starting to feed as soon as they germinate. I think I may have starved them because my coco is absolutely inert - zero nutes. Nada. May as well be cotton wool.

I’ll probably start a new journal and try to get some Coco experts interest.

Sigh. So sad. :sob::sob::sob::sob:


On the node question. Those girls are really only 2 nodes.
The small circle leaves are the nutes they need. No need to add anything but water to ur medium, until after they yellow shrivel n die.
The next level are the single finger leaves. The one u amputated one side. Those usually begin to yellow and die off shortly when ‘vegging’ begins.
Then u have a set of 3 finger. N another set of new growth 3 fingers. Those 2 are your… nodes. That is where u should start the count.
How often do u water?


I was watering every 2 or 3 days - when the coco was NEARLY dry,

These seeds really are going no where and I have to give up on them.

I’ve read a LOT of differing views on when to start nutes in coco.

A lot of people say exactly what you do - just water, it’s all in the cotyledons. Mostly soil growers say this. Coco growers on the other hand are more likely to say they start feeding straight away (but not always!). A lot of coco growers say coco is more like hydroponics than growing in soil. Canna say start with nutes immediately if using THEIR coco and THEIR nutes (which I am).

Me - I lean toward the latter after two disastrous starts with coco and only water early on. I’m going to go with exactly what Canna say.

I should say - my tap water is ph7 and EC0.0

The new seeds have been soaking in a bowl for nearly 24 hours (ph 5.9 solution of water and rhizotonic - as per Canna). They’ve started to crack.

Today I will put the seeds in coco
• 6cm square pots
• pots filled with fresh coco and lightly pressed down
• coco wetted with 1.0EC ph5.9 solution of Coco A + B plus Rhizotonic (+ PH down (nitric acid))
• The watering solution has been sitting over night and the ph rechecked
• seeds 5mm deep, lightly covered with slightly tamped coco

Then the pots will go in the tent.
• 21°C-24°C
• 73%-76% RH
• MARS 900 II at 26" - 18/6 light cycle, light airflow

This should get the seeds to germinate well and quickly develop into seedlings. I hope. I will water again (EC 1.0 again) in 2-3 days by which time the coco should be almost dry.

Another 2-3 days after that and I’ll start the veg watering at EC 1.2. Watering when the coco is NEARLY dry. A lot of coco growers say it’s impossible to over water in coco. I’m going to weigh the pots fully watered and re-water when they weigh 50% of what they did.

When they reach node 4, I’ll transplant into their permanent homes (10 gallon geopots) and then top to start LST training.

Curious - do you grow in coco or soil?


You shouldn’t need to feed for at least the first 16-20 days…pHed water only. You want 2-3 full sets of leaves before you feed and even then only about 25%. That doesn’t count the cotyledon and that doesn’t count those first single leaves. Leaves are the solar panels that process the nutrients.
Re-reading your very first post where you mention “nutrient splash”… those girls were too small for nutes.
I use Pro Mix, which has nothing in it, and my plants didn’t get their first feeding 25% until day 22. (Don’t count days, count nodes.)


I would not recommend using water that’s gone through a softener for growing cannabis.


@blackthumbbetty - water softener? my town’s water supply is 0 EC and ph7 maybe EC 0.1 It’s just nice water here :slight_smile:

@EclecticJack - how many day’s old and how tall is that plant? start counting form the day you took the seed out of the bag.


@EclecticJack - “don’t feed” - I read that a lot!

don’t mean to pick a fight (I’m new here after all lol) - but why would Canna say feed immediately? maybe coco is different to promix?


@EclecticJack - also… do you know what your water contains? Nitrates? Hardness? My tap water may as well be RO.