Well, that didn't work! (was 2 plant mega scrog)


First grow.
Indoor under MARS 900 II
ILGM White Widow and ILGM Blue Haze - both feminized

The plan (looks OK?)

and today:

The brown spots I think are from some nutrient splash.

On track?


I wouldn’t be giving nutes yet. Usually after 3 nodes. Seedlings have nutes in the cytodones. When they start to yellow and die
Off then you can start with them.


When did they sprout. Look to be about 4-5 days old.


Thanks man - too much love! I was scared they weren’t growing fast enough. Added just a little bit (about 1/4 canna recommended) - it’s very hard to resist!!!

The cotyledons have yellowed now.


What soil did you use to start them?? The two biggest killers are over watering and nutes to soon. It is hard to resist and keep out of them but canna plants are super resilient and grow better in dryer soils that have excellent drainage.


They were soaked in water on the 23rd, went into coco on the 25th (cracked only), poked their heads up around the 28th or 29th. From memory.

Started in coco with just water (after soaking for 48 hours). Started nutes yesterday (at about 1/4 strength).

Do they do seem small for their age?


No. I think they are fine. Every strain is different. Some come out like raging animals, while some are slow starters out of the gate. Just depends. Your doing well so far. Is it all coco or just some??


All Coco Canna Professional Plus.


I don’t use coco but a lot of guys do. Just watch your pH and don’t overwater them. Probably will only need water about every third day right now. If soil is dry a knuckle deep, then give them a little pH water. Also, don’t water next to stem. Water the outer rim so roots have to reach for it.


Also, good job on doing photos first. Autos are finicky from what I hear. I’m on my first grow also and this forum has kept me in the game. Everyone is awesome here.


Here are my plants after 45 days veg and 1 week into flower


Feminized but not auto-flowering. I’ll switch the lights after about 8 weeks of veg - depending on how many gadgets I have to take out of the tent :slight_smile:

Your plants looks great!


Thanks! Vegging for 60 days is good and you’ll be able to take some good clones! That’s why I like photos. They clone easy and are plentiful.


Btw. There are 4 plants in the jungle.


Feel free to tag anyone with questions just use the @ symbol and the screen name and they will see the post. Here are some really cool members that help me out all the time
@raustin @Whodat66 @PurpNGold74 @Countryboyjvd1971


Good luck with your grow and I’m more than happy to lend any info I can to you. I might not know the most, but I can usually help until other experts chime it. Here’s what I’ve learned, there isn’t anything that will melt your plant in minutes and most issues can be stopped and reversed. Also, most issues stem from pH and over watering.


That’s about 23 days by my count. I keep a lot of photos of my past grows and I would have guessed day 10 or 11. They might appear a little slow to start up top but as long as they are growing strong, you can just veg longer!


SCROG/SOG looks difficult. Looks like you need a lot of patience.


Realized my light has been too high (30" - the max germination height according to Mars). I’ve dropped it down to 24" (the correct height for seedling). My bad. That’s cost me a week!


Its fine tho. Again thats why u grow photos can just extend her vegging. So far well done. Solid advice @Familyman

Welcome to the site. N good luck.