Well.. so much for taking a break... GROW 4 started

I was planning on taking a 6 month break from growing… but I just can’t seem to do it. :sweat_smile:

Got 4 seeds soaking now:

1 - Grandaddy Purple - Photo
1 - Super Skunk - Photo
2 - GSC - Autos

Will update the journal with pictures when they pop and as they progress.

Growing is EXTREMELY addictive.


I just harvested a plant and closed up my tent for a year or so. I’m going to do some shroom growing here in a couple weeks though.


My “excuse” is I gave away so much that my personal inventory will doon start to become low after the holidays.


I was going to quit cigarettes. Yea that happened…lol. You are a servant to the god cannaownu. Accept your fate.


I am approaching the one month mark. In another week or two and I’ll get some Afghan going.


@MidwestGuy keep us posted on the shroom grows please

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And they are off and into soil now.

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I have 5 just started. Did not label…lmao. ill know when they flower. Nothing flowering and 5x5 closed down for now. Feels weird. I almost always have 2 in flower.


I upgraded amd added 1 more light to my 3x3.

It took me a year to go from 2 to 4 but my yield with 3 was so much better than with 2, I said what the heck.

Now i’m up to 400W.

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Dude that looks spectacular wow I’d say You have it completely covered now Congratulations

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Got my chair pulled up to watch. Looks like a great time!


Small update for accuracy:

The SS photoperiod seed did not pop so I dunked another GDP photoperiod and replaced it.

So 2 GSC Autos and 2 GDP Photoperiods in the tent.


I give away more than i should too. It just feels good to give it to people who cant afford to buy it, or whatever the situation is. Im still trying to figure out WHY its so addictive ! No breaks here, the grow must go on!!:grin:


Have you grown/had gdp yet? She’s still my favorite night time smoke! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: more than likely going to run out of her before I start growing again in Jan/Feb :sob: when i can plant again i might do 2 gdp auto and 2 skittles auto (my husbands favorite) and then do some of the other seeds i havent tried yet :crazy_face: gdp is AMAZING i hope you love her!

Ive been having the “itch” i put 4 skittle seeds in water from the seeds my siamese produced and they sprouted :see_no_evil: i literally cant grow any right now though with the holidaya and with the trip planned in Feb so i had to get rid of them :sob::sob::sob: im so jealous!

Keep us updated on pics!

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So no experience smoking it yet so these are my first 2 GDP seeds ever.

Can’t wait for it to help with sleep.

Did you let it go more amber than normal to compound the effect, or not?

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Hey my brother hope all is well with you and family :family:… I’m learning that indica dominant strains doesn’t necessarily need amber. 100% cloudy… 90% cloudy 10% clear slight amber here or there it all balances out to have the desired effect your lookin for of course as long as it’s mature. Just my opinion but in your case …100% amber … will definitely help :muscle:t2::100::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Thanks @Coonass

Since I’m growing 2 GDP, I might harvest one regular and the other one let it go a couple of weeks late. I would then mark them as such and see what I think.

Thanks for your experience/insight.


Your Welcome anytime my friend :blush: i haven’t had one nervous or racy feeling for sure nothing negative they were both picked at peak thc 95+ cloudiness with a few mixed clear and amber so you will do just fine… enjoy my brother :pray::100:


No, I chopped at highest thc level as cloudy as possible with maybe just a smidge of amber at yalls advise i think it was @Storm that recommended that :hugs: i smoked some with one of my friends that smoke a lot and she maybe took 3 or 4 drags and her head was on the desk :joy: im really glad i didnt let it go amber its strong :crazy_face:


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Well, never seen a first set of leaves look immature. Anybody seen it? Doesn’t look viable at this point. I think they are the two at the bottom of the photo side by side.

What gives?