Well should I start hardening off

Looks like the weather is trending up this week should I start hardening?


Those are good looking numbers, you can start early hardening with indoor dli of 30 for 3 days turn 45 for 3 days then they’ll have no problem with sun light( assuming your light is that good)as it stands those seedlings look like theyre getting less then 8 dli right now by how bad theyre stretching

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They do look big enough for a few hours of sunlight a day. Even afternoon sun with temps those nice.

Yeah I’ve done everything you shouldn’t to the little guys. I’m new and they are stunted pretty bad. I guess you live and you learn.

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Howdy I just saw your post/ question . I’m no expert just grown a few plants before . You have some stretch. Myself growing plants like you have I would repot them stretched ones up to just below the seed leaves . Before setting them out . So you have none laying down from the lightest breeze. .
I start my girls from seed in clear solo cups with bright light which will keep them short . My harden off time is only about 12 hours total over a few days . For me I let them grow up fast giving them a tough childhood . They have been in 100 degree temps already this year and they thriving… I have babied them before but they pay more when I dont Including a few pics from this season