Well now what to do?

i have had a few nasty looking spots appear on two leaves of the smallest plant and we know she running high on the ppm runoff count but coming down fast.
On the 22nd this plant was @1600+ ppm and 6.8 Ph todays runoff was done with water @150ppm/6.3 PH and the results were 1210 ppm/6.8 ph.
As for the spots,I can not rule out having spilled something but thats doubtful.
I really take good look at the ladies while i have them out and it happened in 24 hrs.
Anyone recognize the type of chanker ?
and what can i do besides make sure its not spreading.

Should i remove the leaves effected?

They re slightly over nuted but that looks like it may actually just be water damage and id leave it those look like good light collectors. Possible chance its magnesium deficiency due to high calcium an potassium levels


ty i was hoping that was the case.Anyone else think differently?

would a shot of molasses be in order?

NO molasses is heavy on calcium and potassium what you want is a teaspoon of epsom salt per gallon


and water the soil or a foliar application?

i just had another runoff test again this morning and they’re pretty wet obviously,how long until I can give them the epsom salt.
One side of me says now whiles its wet,the other side “are you nuts?”

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I would wait and I add epson daily at a gram per gallon but I grow in coco so you’ll have to go to the next feeding for soil. A great source of magnesium :love_you_gesture:

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well im still trying to get ppms down,is epsom salt something that would be counterproductive and will it effect ph significantly?
Do you ph an epsom salt solution or just use ro water?

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PH water only for getting the PPMs down. Epson is a great source for magnesium and I use it with my nutrients. If you have a calmag additive you won’t need the epson :love_you_gesture:

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im just using bergmans nutes when i am feeding.not sure if it has cal mag or not.
Just switched to preflower spectrum at 50% and 25 DLI(23 hours).
They get an hour off,I’m not a slave driver…well 1/2 hour off…and we round up…

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Not sure I know what a preflower spectrum is? I’m assuming you have a veg and flower switch? You can increase that DLI to 35 and that 23 hour light period is too much. Assuming it’s an auto flower so I would run 18/6. Post an over all and some preflower shots :love_you_gesture:

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california Lightworks have recommended spectrum settings to be used with some of their lights as long as you have the necessary controller.
Seedling – R39 W49 B99
Veg – R50 W99 B99
Pre-Flower – R99 W99 B50
Flower – R99 W99 B39
Finishing – R39 W99 B99

I’m second guessing as to whether or not it is time to go out of veg and in to preflower as only three plants have but a few hairs each.

cats learn faster how to get around in the forums.,please read next post

Im using 3ml a gal of calmag and still need to use 2 tbs epson salt a gal for mag deficiency every once in a while. Am I not using enough calmag? Coco is my medium.

Im running my autos 24hr at a DLI of 40 seems to work fine for me. No other issues other than getting a magnesium deficiency once in a blue moon.
I know most do 18/6 but never seen one be better than the other.
I dont want you to think im calling you out,cuz it does sorta seem that way but im not. Im just here to soak up as much information as can🤙🏻

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i do not have cal mag.

My train of thought on the 23.5 or 24 hrs is ,the environment remains stable with no wild temperature/humidity swings.and for a time I also was using 40 DLI before switching to a preflower spectrum for a whopping 6 hrs.,now its back to 80 % veg and in 2 hrs. they’re looking great again. I’ll be glad when my 2-16" wall fans show up.


That’s what I call a friendly discussion. Love it.:heart:


@noddykitty1 Thank you,no need to be a jerk. I see that all the time on reddit😂 I love growing. If I can improve in certain areas,im all down for that.


I look at it this way, the day I think I know it all is when I become the asshole. Ha. But mainly I learn by asking questions and questioning answers that I feel have more variables. I have learned new things many times, and learned I have often been wrong. Or at least not quite correct. :crossed_fingers:

Besides, I was always the kid in school that would raise his hand every time the teacher asked a question. Why stop now…?


Exactly… haha

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