Well it finally happened mold

I was just watering this morning and found mold on one of the buds so I cut it off and added another fan

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Bummer. Good luck with that.

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Be real careful with mold bud. Your health isnt worth the buzz. Think of every bad thing you do and everytime you do each one you lose a minute at the end of your life. Sobers me up to think about it so the moral is MOLD IS BAD! I am your conscience!


I agree with @Gremmall


I only found it on one bud so I’ll be inspecting the others look good so far but this is a first for me. Tell me is 74 at night and 51 to high of humidity for them?

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You need 45-55 humidity during flower night and day is best the fan should help


I had almost those same conditions inside the tent and did fine but I had 2 fans oscillating and two 6 in inline fans one intake from an air conditioned room and one exhaust out the window…if I could redo it I’d buy a better exhaust fan and open the vents at the bottom of the tent :v:


The lower the humidity the better. If you can hit 35%-40% do it.

Peroxide/water solutions don’t do diddly. I think they may even increase the bud rot by adding moisture.

Boytritus spreads via spores. So touching the mold and then another bud is a No-no. I’m not even sure a fan blowing across the buds won’t spread it.

There no way that I’ve found that will stop bud rot. Potassium bicarbonate may slow it, but it’s usually sprayed with water, so that adds moisture.

My advice, is harvest as soon as you can.
Then, bleach the hell out of the tent and everything else.

Bud rot is evil evil evil. Watching all your hard work rot away just sucks.

Good luck.


Ok I’ll do it today there white widow and in day 50 of flower but I ended up harvesting 2 others at day 50 and it ended up being pretty good smoke for day use I cannot sleep at all when smoking it

Man the wife just reminded me 6 days ago I was without power for 3 days and the humidity in the tents went up to 99% so I know what did it now how can I be sure the other buds are ok do I cut them all open

Lost 3 of my biggest cola’s on my recent WW grow to mold. That stung having to trash them :cry:


I’m also in middle of trying to finish a grow with mold popping up but outdoor.
Keep an eye out for any abnormal discolorization in the small sugar leaves
It will start at the stem first.
Good luck @perry2. :v::call_me_hand:

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Man I got so lucky only one bud from what I could tell

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I’d also do a peroxide rinse on everything before trimming.


Check it all often. If conditions were right for it to grow on one bud then chances are good the other buds were exposed. I tell you you’re lucky you spotted it at all. I’ve read plenty about grows that were total losses. Peace bro :smile:


I’m getting ready to do that now thanks

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I didn’t realize I was looking at them that good each time I watered but I guess I am. Not after there bath what is the best way to get the extra water off

a little better picture

Possible although @Bogleg had water condensing off of some intake line and it dripped on ONE cola and caused bud rot—on that ONE cola. But the conditions are there and it’s best to pay attention and get the RH down. I like 30% in late flower and it tends to push the trichomes too.

If you have a leaf on your flower that looks different, lightly tug on it: if it comes out easily then you have bud rot starting inside. It’s easy to see once you know what to look for.


I give them all a good shake, then hang to dry with a fan on them. After an hour or two I begin wet trimming.

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