Well I guess I’m in

Well I pulled the trigger today and ordered my ph tester and a HLG 300L r-spec. We will see how the girlfriend reacts


Congrats on the purchase. Spoiler alert she may not start happy. But in a couple months she’ll be happy


Awesome! Better to ask forgiveness than permission.


You definitely have to have experience with “your strain” if you follow that advice :joy: it’s always short term anyways lol

Maybe not better but definitely easier…lol

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TDS meter is helpful

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Yes; while you’re at it pick up a TDS meter. It’s as useful as the PH meter.

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TDS is next in line to purchase and cal-mag

I have a big list to start off right but the biggest thing is already a done deal

I have jumped into the deep end. Time to swim

Thanks for the encouragement

Any links for a good TDS meter?


I’m just learning to. But with all the great help everyone here is…you got this.

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Wait till your married to worry about that.


Lol I’ll tell her that if she gets mad

If nothing else I got a great deal with the DUDE code it was 359.00. Not bad considering I was going to pay that much for diy 260 version

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I will have been married 18 yrs on July 19th. Arguments don’t get easier…we just forget what we were fighting for quicker. And we have also learned to pick our battles. Not everything is worth the fight.

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An when they are gone it will all seem frivolous.


Thats why I’m going first… lol…im the mean arsehole… she’s the nice one…no one misses an ass


I ordered one off amazon. Can’t remember the brand but it was $10-15. Then lost it - so I ordered another one - should be here Friday.

@FullyMedicated “no one misses an ass” = except the hole… :rofl: :joy: :laughing:
One compliments the other…they work in tandem lol…