Well here we go…the first run

I use a gallon pitcher and a 16 oz cup to do my watering, very low tech.


I bet it affects ph hugely.


I have a 2 quarter pitcher, same/same. No sense in tripping over a dollar to pick up a dime.


Yeah I’d guess so. I seen where you said the rhino skin doesn’t which I really like the sound of

Yeah I’ve used 2 silica products that don’t affect ph much at all, the AN Rhino Skin and Alchemist Stout MSA.

I do plan on switching to Agsil 16H though when I run out of Rhino Skin and dealing with the ph. Agsil 16H saves a good bit of money over liquid silica and from some limited research, it seems to have the most soluble silica of the silica products.

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@Hellraiser @Nicky what’s your feed schedule typically? I know they probably vary some plant to plant. Do you feed jacks everyday or do you mix in water only or water and cal mag feeds in between?

I feed Jacks daily, I may do a water only if I think they need it but it would be rare.

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I feed every single day with Jack’s,
first 2 weeks top feed
Then I turn on my autopots which feed constantly, I would feed them daily if I didn’t have autopots though.

Jacks 321 for veg
Mkp booster for flower
3.8/2.2/1.2 for weeks 3 until finish.

Silica always goes first in coco, then PH it them add nutrients.

After nutrients PH it then add fishshit by Fishhead Farms or some other bacteria product.

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You mind linking the silica dry amendment you use? Thanks man! your help and answers don’t go unappreciated!

What are you using for ph adjuster?

Apera PH 20 from day 1, got that starter kit and still have tons of calibrated fluid.

Why do you ask boss?

@gtyme420 Agsil16H

I can’t link it because it’s not on amazon.
0.7g per gallons

I meant what solution or chemical, sorry.

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Ok I’ll see what I can find. Are screenshots allowed? :joy: I think I found it on KiS maybe. I’m also curious as well on what you use to adjust ph. I currently have just the GH up and down

KIS works yes they even show you the right amount to use. Good site.

“8 oz. bottled pH Calibration buffers (7.00, 4.00, 10.01) good for over 100 times of calibrations+ 4 oz. 3M KCL storage solution for maximizing your pH probe’s life”

I admit I have never used my storage solution as I lost the cap. Long ago lol. Calibrate it once a month. Seems to be working


:man_facepalming:Your nutrient solution lol. What are you using to raise or lower the ph of your nutrient solution?


An PH up and down. Tried technaflora and it was garbage

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@dbrn32 you get that?

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Yes I was asking because I have 2 different bottles of ph up here that are both are potassium carbonate and potassium silicone. With your mixing order I was wondering if you are using ph up that is similar or maybe using a potassium hydroxide instead?

AN is potassium hydroxide, and honestly I didn’t even know until you asked so I searched.

I’m curious as to what you see in my order of nutrient, I only use PH down Durring mixing really. Rarely use PH up omly if the girl or myself overshoot it.

Some brands use both some use just one, seems. Like. Potasium hydroxide is more common from my small search

With jacks in ro?