Well here we go…the first run

Will do! Thanks!


Ok so just a little update. The Jack seems to be doing good but still seems pale or yellowish. The others seem to be doing the same thing… not sure if I’m pushing too much light that might be it I had the Jack around 22dli and the baby’s were like 15 maybe. Backed it down a little to 18 to see. :man_shrugging:t3: Other thoughts are is my watering of course but I feel like I’m doing ok trying not to overwater just when it’s starts to dry out . Feeding full strength jacks and 3ml fish poo every other day 900ppm ph to 5.9. How is the node spacing too? Seems kinda short which is another reason I was thinking too much light. Any thoughts @Nicky @Hellraiser


Perfect node spacing for the way I like to grow.

I would suggest a FIM in a couple days.

Toss the post a like if you decide to fim, please

Ok that’s good news! And don’t worry or stress the color? Or do you think dialing the light down a touch will help?

Your grow lights are on in the 2nd picture so I don’t really consider color, nor should you, unless lights are off and you take a picture with flash on.

Most grow lights are 3000k - 3500k and to clearly see cannabis color you need a more blue spectrum light such as 4k

Oh and here is a new post I figured ide make one and stop linking random threads

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They look good

Hey @Hellraiser @Nicky yall use canna coco right? Do you use the brick or bag? And where do you get it from if so?

Yes I use the canna coco bricks, usually buy it from amazon or ebay (whichever is cheaper at the time).

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Ok cool… going with that for when I put the others in final pot. Not having to buff and wash sold me lol. You said you just rehydrate with full strength jacks right? Do you have a ratio for perlite to coco brick or do you even use perlite?

Yes I rehydrate the bricks with full strength Jacks (1.5 gals of water/jacks per brick). I don’t use perlite, though I believe @Nicky does.

Ok cool so ready to use once rehydrated. @Nicky how much perlite for the 40l brick you think? Also this is the perlite I got just a big cheap bag from Lowe’s. I assume it’s ok right? Thanks guys!

I’ve used 50/50 and 70/30

Both work well but 30% is generally used unless using autopots. Autopots recommended 50/50 but I’ve done fine with 30%
I do want to test 100% coco vs 50/50 vs 70/30

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I would definitely tune into that comparison. So tag me when or if you do it. Do you have a certain perlite you use or like?

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@Nicky well attempted a FIM. Hopefully I didn’t botch it too bad.


Looks good :+1:


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Hey @Hellraiser @Mr_Wormwood @Mr_Wormwood @Newt wondering what y’all that top feed use for watering/feeding? I just been pouring from a milk jug. I’ve seen some will use like a modified pump sprayer or something. Had a high moment the other day where I thought I came up with a genius idea. Needless to say someone beat me to the punch :joy: but couldn’t help but order it and try it out

Gadjit Sprinkle Spout Daisy-Shaped Sprinkler Head - Snaps onto Most Plastic Gallon and Half-Gallon Jugs, Turning Them into Watering Cans (White & Yellow) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01DFMFUCM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_PJ39K8H2D28GE42YTWKD?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

I use gallon jugs. Not much help, sorry.

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That IS cute. But I think it might make getting around the base of the plant awkward. I saw someone used a similar attachment on a wand. Not sure if it was battery or AC powered, but it was powered.

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Yeah I’m sure most everyone does but was curious about those that don’t what they do instead

Yeah I don’t have high hopes for the thing but had to give it a try :joy:

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