Well here we go again!


Yep I’ve read a bunch on that as well. I’m still getting setup. Plan to pop my first 4 seeds in water tomorrow evening. I’ve been collecting parts and building my system for months now. I’m finally close enough to get them started. I need to get to bed (in the US) it’s almost 3am here. But I’m both excited and nervous about finally getting started. And add that to my insomnia and I could probably skip sleeping but I’ve got a bunch of work to do tomorrow to get ready lol.


I’m in the UK n about to get up!

Enjoy ur sleep!!


Thanks. Have a good day!


I remembered this! Solid advice if i must say so myself. Doesnt it feel great learning and helping others learn. :joy::joy: one thing i have learnd since being here. Answer things you know (or are pretty sure about). Ive given sh’t advice, made things worse, n felt bad. If u dont know. Say something comforting and tag someone u know who does. Or use the search thing. The more you’re around here the easier it is to manage. And everyone doesnt have our time to read. Sorry for my rant. Just love this site :joy:


Doob today being the big day i probably would have been in bed at 8 pm :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Lol I couldn’t fall asleep. I’ve got a lunch get together with family then I’ve got to find a starter cube of rock wool. I checked Lowe’s last night no luck. I’ll go by a hydro store after lunch. Then it’s back to pop seeds in water!!!


Lmmfao. Dude wth… im laughing my literal a$$ off. :joy::joy::joy::joy: get’r done. They paper towel soaking? I usually give 12-36 hours of that first. Just saw seeds in water. U can drop them in a shot glass. 24 hrs. Paper towel. 24 more. Then rockwool for another day. Still 3 days off. Drop those babies now!


No I’ll start that now then before I leave lol.


Definatly looks good


Hey @PurpNGold74!

Yeah it is nice to feel like ur giving something back especially after all the help u get from everyone on here

Its also nice to feel like u know enough to help someone!

N yeah this is one cool site full of cool people!


So here we finally are then…

Have jus finished cutting n trimming my plant

Was the most nervous part of the whole grow…

Mainly because after i cut her down i thought to myself id make myself comfortable in my bedroom to do the trimming instead of doing it all uncomfortable in the attic (im over 6’ so cant exactly stand up straight in there!)

After about an hour theres a knock at the front door n its the daughter n as soon as i open the door she says “u do know the outside ur house stinks of weed!”

I said “ill hav to stop smoking out the window!” (she knows i smoke not grow!)

So as soon as she left i got everything back in the attic n spent the next few hours up there trimming n waiting for a knock at the door every time i heard a car outside!!

Anyways no knock n now all done!

Todays pics…



Lol, I have the same thing with my kids knocking on my bedroom door to tell me how the whole house smells like weed! Kids.



So its now over save the drying!

Wana say a BIG BIG thank you to everyone who has helped commented and liked!!

@dbrn32 @MattyBear @PurpNGold74 @Niala @Laurap @Aolelon @Nug-bug @Vermont @TDubWilly @Myfriendis410


@Bogleg @raustin @hangthebanksters @Onlythebest79 @DoobieNoobie @Sirsmokes


Congrats on the harvest bro! Looks like a lot week there.


:+1: good haul


Cheers dbrn32!

Not weighed it yet

Gona wait till its all dry!


Thanx TDubWilly!


Congratulations on a nice harvest!


Thanx raustin!

Got there in the end!