Well here we go again!

Hello again everybody and thanks for reading!

Yesterday i planted my seed and started my second grow
Those of you who followed my first grow know that it didnt end well!
Everything was going great until 3 weeks into flowering when both my plants jus suddenly died

It wasnt all bad as i learnt from doing the grow and also i did end up with quite a bit of weed which im still smoking now!
Obviously it isnt the best smoke but it does the job, you jus hav to smoke more than usual!

Ive decided to do pretty much the same as last time with a few small changes

The main one being that on the last grow i didnt bother with ph checking the water / food
I now hav a ph pen and some ph down
My tap water is 7.1 so hav used ph down to get it to 6.5

I have changed my extraction fan controller and pole fan so that they are both on continuously as i did notice a big difference in the readings i was getting from my 3 temp gauges which were spread out in the tent
I have changed the panel heater to a shorter ceramic fan heater which also turns from side to side so hopefully will hav a more consistent temp all over

I hav also changed from using socks to cover the ends of my air inlets to using tights which has greatly increased the air flow into the tent

I hav also jus planted the one seed instead of 2

My light is a viparspectra 900 and has a veg and bloom switch
I hav it set at 20" above the seed with just the veg switch on and will leave it like this until it is time to flower which is when ill add the bloom switch

The things i will be doing the same are, which i feel went well enough for me not to change…

I am using a peat pellet to start my seed off This saved me from having to transplant my seed into soil once it sprouted so no risk of transplant shock

Once my seed has started to grow it will be going straight into a 20 litre fabric pot This saved me from transferring my plant from pot to pot again eliminating the chance of transplant shock

I will once again be topping and scrogging my plant when the time comes

Anyways once my seed has sported i will start adding photos to my updates and if any problems arise ill be sure to ask for help!!!

Once again thanks for reading!


Everything looks good. Unsure of the need for 20 gallon pot unless shes going outside. Youd have to have catherdal ceilings to grow inside. But its early, just got up with coffee & bowl i may have misread.

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20 litres not 20 gallons lol… 20l is 5gal


Hi @Aolelon and @Laurap
Thanks for the replies n yes its a 20 litre pot not a 20 gallon pot!
Maybe one day!!

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Told ya, just woke up. Lol


Well ive jus had to make another change…

After popping up into the attic to see if the peat pellet needed water jus seen that the temp is 31 n thats with both the extraction and inlet fans going full blast!

So hav changed the “day” hours from 06:00 - 00:00 to 16:00 - 10:00 n the “night” hours from 00:00 - 06:00 to 10:00 - 16:00

Hopefully the temps will come down now the light is off for most of the day

Find out 2mor!!

Here is my first photo for this grow journal!

As for my heat problem unfortunately swapping the light times hasnt solved it
Even with the light off im still getting temps over 30
It is now summer here so ive gone from needing to heat the tent up on the last grow to now needing to cool it down!

I think ive stumbled upon a solution though…

Liquid silicon!

Luckily i found this note at the end of an article i was reading about tips on cooling your grow room…

“Not a cooling tip but more a growing tip for higher temperatures, is if you incorporate silicon with your normal feed you will be able to grow your plants in hotter conditions. This is due to the silicon as it helps your plants to become more resilient and remain healthy even if your temperatures rise up to 40c.”

Hopefully this will work as my only other option is spending £100s on upgrading my extraction which isnt really an option!

If it does then the only problem ill have (for the moment!) is that if its a hot day my night temps are now hotter than my day temps
Getting temps of over 30 during the night cycle (which is now 10am - 4pm and temps of over and nearly 30 during the day cycle (which is now 4pm -10am)

Although as this is completely out of my control i suppose theres no point in worrying about it!

Hav now put my seedling into its pot as the roots had started to come through the pellet (7/6)

I have also started to spray with liquid silicon
Am mixing it at 1ml to 4 litres of water and giving it only 2-3 sprays when I water and am doing both at the end of the light cycle

Am using my ph pen for both the silicon spray and the water


hello and thanks for reading!

grow journal update…

am still giving just water with ph at 6.5 or below every 2-3 days depending on how hot its been
have increased amount of water as was watering every day
am still spraying with liquid silicon when i water at 1 ml per 4 litres with ph 6.9 or under
light is still on veg switch at 24" above plant

todays pics…

so now for my first questions of the grow!

@dbrn32 @Donaldj @timmyv324 and anyone else who knows!

does the plant look too short for its age?!?
am wondering if ive got the light at right height or if it could do with being raised?

is it now time to top my plant?
am guessing that i need to have another set or 2 of fan leaves but thought it worth checking!?!?!

once again thanks for reading and for any help given!

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She is pretty squat but that’s better than being stretched out. 24in isn’t too low. She’s just gonna be a bush :sunglasses:
Looks like she’s spitting out her 5th node now so you can top if you like, and all that lower growth will catch up to the main.
She’s looking superb, no worries @man10101


Hi @Nug-bug!
thanks for the reply!

yeah she is looking pretty fat!
im hoping that this is due to shes liking the sillicon ive been giving her
guess it must be doing something as said im getting temps well over 30 degrees at times but shes looking healthy and growing well!

might let this node grow out and top the next one?!?
let her get a bit stronger before i cut her head off!!!

oh and one point i forgot to mention is…
i messed up setting up the timer for the light
had it turning on at 1600 everyday but only had it set to turn off at 0600 monday!
so for the first couple of weeks it was getting light for a whole week before it got 6 hours of dark!
dont look to have caused any problems tho n might explain the squatness!!


I agree, you can top if you’d like.

If you want to promote a little more upward growth, turn both switches on and raise your light a little. Otherwise, it’s fine being short and squatty too.

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Hi @dbrn32!

Thanks for the reply!

Yeah im in no rush so gona leave the veg switch on, let the 5 node grow out n then top
taking me time n trying to do everything better than before
Dont want the same outcome as last time!!!

n as you said nothing wrong with being short n squatty!

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Running both switches on won’t hurt them, you just don’t want an all red light source early. The vipars with both switches on are still more blue than the lights most of us use. It’s mainly just to introduce some of the plant responses to the red light as well, which will be up. But nothing like running the flower only switch through veg.

Either way, will be plenty healthy however you proceed.

yeah im gona do everything i can to keep this one “plenty healthy”!
so far so good
even with the extremely high temps im getting shes still looking “plenty healthy”!

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well hello everybody!
Grow journal up date…

So today i gave her first proper watering to run off
Gave 5 litres of water with 1.25 ml of liquid sillicon
I also topped her today as the 5th node has almost grown out
I also raised the light to 22" as she had grown to 18" below the light

Todays pic…

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well it doesnt look like the topping, watering, silicon or heat have caused any problems!?!

Heres todays pics…


shes now so big i cant keep me thermometers in the pot with her anymore!

Another couple of inches n it will be time to start the scrogging!!!


Grow journal update…

Have watered 3 days ago with 6 litres of water at ph 6.4 and sprayed with water and liquid silicon at 1 ml of silicon per 4 litres of water
Had 1 litre run off

Today i did the same
This time there was hardly any run off?
Suppose thats due to the heat weve had lately
Will have to think about giving more water if no run off on next watering?!?