Well here’s what I had to do to my auto


I really wanted to wait a little longer but had to take a few buds off. The bud was just so moist I was scared I couldn’t get enough air in the bud to keep it from rotting. The scog on this auto really helped yield. Still a lot of plant left up still getting ripe.i took about 1/3 of it early


Cool. Something to do while the other ripens!


Looks like Christmas has come early for you.:santa:


It will cure till Xmas. It should make a nice present to me.


what strain is that beauty ?


Blueberry auto. Ilgm of course.


Congrats. And I’m glad to see the new auto section. I’ll post my next grow journal here.


I must try this one ! does it smoke as good as it looks ?


Never had blueberry. It was recommended to me for pain. I can’t wait to try it but I don’t want to rush the cure.


how long are you curing for after harvest ?


I want to dry for 7 days or so then jar for a few weeks if I can hold off of it.


Good luck with that one !

Do you BURP the herb when it is in the jar…:nerd_face:


Oh yes. Gotta burp em. Don’t want mold to get them after all that work. If mild got em it would really throw me for a loop. My plan is to plant 1 and harvest 1 every month. Put some back Incase something goes wrong so I never have to buy again.


I got me a vacuum sealer (£120 British pounds) and after the cure I vacuum seal them in 30g baggies and hibernate them in the dark until needed. It is working just fine and dandy with zero mold / mould as there is no air. The pot is pressed due to air pressure, but it does the trick and tastes real nice…I get high also.


I got an auto chesse how do you know when it’s done! I don’t wanna over do her.


all the info you need is in the GUIDES above or https://www.alchimiaweb.com/blogen/harvest-marijuana-plants-trichome-ripeness/

you will need serious magnification though. buy a LOUPE (strongest magnification)


sounds like a hell of a plan. I might just borrow it :slight_smile:


read this


@James68 do you have a certain time to wait before sealing them?



I cure in the normal fashion ( see GUIDES above ) then put what I consume in a month into one bag and vacuum seal…BEWARE of any stems puncturing the bag when sealing, the herb does come out in hard lumps but separates really easy and fluffs up with a grinder…smells great and smokes great…also use the correct sealing bags.
I got me a years supply using this method of storage…Yippee !