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Hey guys! Decided it’s time to start growing my own cannabis after years of wanting to but never committing. Found this website and was blown away by the knowledge many of you have shared with others and it’s convinced me to put what little knowledge I have of growing cannabis into practice. So with that being said, here’s my set up, please please please any tips or tricks you guys have that’ll help me is greatly appreciated!

-I got myself a 2x4x6 spider farmer kit off Amazon,
-SF2000 LED light,
-Carbon filter,
-4” duct fan that came with kit (hoping the duct is straight enough for it to not be crap)
-I have a 4” AC infinity fan as well that I was planning to use as an intake but there’s no port at the bottom of the tent, might use it for the exhaust if the cheap kit one goes out.
-I will be using 5 gallon fabric pots
-Growing in Happy Frog
-General Hydroponics Flora line nutrients
-Cal Mag
-Apera PC20 pH tester
-6” Lasko fan that I hung with some 550 cord

I don’t know if they’ll be needed but where I live it’s getting cold and i read that the soil should not be allowed to get cold so I’m using these little shelve things to place the pots on if that’s the case (idk first winter into this house)

Here’s the fun part! As I said earlier I’ve never grown cannabis and jumped the gun before reading on why exactly I was purchasing from ILGM so I purchased the beginner mix, not thinking to read if they were autos or photoperiods. When I got them and realized they were photo periods that had me a little concerned as I was planning on getting autos but I guess I’m starting with these. I’ve never even smoked any of these so please good people which 2 strains should I start with? White Widow, AK47, or Bubblegum?

I plan on running on an 18/6 light schedule and and since I’ll be using happy frog no feed till weeks 4-5? Does that sound about right? I know they’ll be more questions and I’ll post as they come, how does my set up look?


You have nice set up you could run three plants in a 2x4 I do you be glad you got photos for your first grow they are a lot more forgiving I would have WW as my first choice good luck and welcome


White widow is a good start and the same with Ak47 both easy to grow .are you goin to do two plants or just one cause i was goin to say u could do one white widow and the AK47


Yeah - don’t push yourself on the first grow too much. Do 2. I’m in the same tent, albeit I’ve upgraded lights and exhaust. LOL!
When I was starting with the SF-2000 - a long 4 months ago LOL! And the plants started getting some size I was seeing dark spots in the corners and edges were kinda dimmer. I ended up getting a SF-1000 and filling the footprint completely with light…
I upgraded the exhaust to a 6" AC Infinity and it’s about perfect. I’d definitely say use the Infinity and the included as an intake. It’s a much better fan. And much quieter.

Good on you for taking the step man!!
Pop a couple of them beans and you’re officially a pot grower!!

Best of Luck!!


@dirtydave @Aussie_autos @Tylersays Thank you all so much! I plan on only growing two and it’ll be the white widow and AK, I am stoked!

I will update with pictures as I go


Sweet good on you , have a look at my white widow auto

She is in week five of flower

She is grown organically all natural ingredients


Welcome my freind :sunglasses:
I run a sf2000 in my closet grow and it has done great.
You can use a peice of ducting to go from the top to the bottom of the tent fir your intake. It basically puts the “port” wherever the end of the hose is :grin: .

However, you may not need the 2nd fan for intake :man_shrugging:
I got a sf 4in fan in my 3x3 tent and it does well just have in the vents open at the bottom for my auto flowers…
One tip I wish someone told me in the beginning is, you only need to use the carbon filter when plants are in flower and smelling strong. And even then, if the smell doesn’t bother you or risk getting you in trouble… then it’s not even needed then…

If you run it hooked up all the time, it gets stopped up faster and you have to buy new ones more often. I rarely even run a filter now, but I don’t have to hide my smell :upside_down_face:


2x4 do 1 of each seed then u have all 3 can play with and learn this one like more of this or that and that one liked more of this but less of that. U’ll see. 3 should fit nice and fill the tent side to side good luck and welcome


Welcome to the community. You are going to love it here. You well feel like you are with family and they all want you to grow great ladies!! I would love to follow along!! :v::blush:


Yes! That’s what I’m after! That looks so lush, so green, looks amazing


@Mark0427 Thank you! I look forward to sharing with you guys and learning as I grow


Thank you very much! Reading the forum the past few weeks has really convinced me that I can grow good bud with help from the community, I’m excited to share my first grow with you all


Thank you! I was wondering if it was even worth setting up at first but figured I just wouldn’t plug it in yet if it’s not needed yet


This my 2x4 today just flipped to 12/12 you can do three gets a little crowded but doable


Welcome to the forum good luck with your grow
The filter is not needed but the fan should be on to keep fresh air in the tent and control RH, you probably won’t need it starting out in the seedling stage but after a few weeks to a month its a good idea


Welcome to the forum, this is a great place. First timer my self please feel free to ask all the questions, we all sure did. Also be excited you bought photos, I got autos not knowing and wish I would have gotten photos. So much more control. Best of luck and happy growing


I got the ILGM Mix Pack my 1st go a few months back. Did the Ak and Bubblegum initially.
The Ak’s got pretty big (5’+) and the Bubblegums were medium sized(3ft+). For me that combo was simple… I had zero issues. And both the yield and smoke were great too.
Now I’ve got some White Widows in wk7 flwr and there’s been no real issues.
With both grows I held off on nutes till I could see they were veggin good and even then I used the Fox Farms Trio at 1/2 recommended amount. I add a touch of CalMag here and there use Happy Frog as well.

Just relax and enjoy… no stress




When it comes time to flower your plants, you will probably need to use some ducting to go from a top vent to the bottom.
It is really important that photo periods do not get a single photon of light at night (or dark period) once they are set to 12/12. Most people just leave the vents open at the bottom when growing autos or when photos are not in the flower stage…
But once flipped to 12/12 (aka flower) then the tent needs to be absolutely light proof for the dark time…
The ducting from top to bottom for intake makes it hard fo light to get in…
But this is stuff for later really…

Start you a journal if you haven’t already and tag me in it and I as well as others will be here to give advice at every step if you wantvor need it :grin:


Welcome to this amazing community! You have a good set up but like @Tylersays start slow! I crammed five strains in a 4x2 closet and then improvised an extension with some chairs.

I learned a lot that grow!

For venting I have done it both ways since Infinity says you can. I sucked in through the carbon filter and have switched to everything outside of the tent for more headroom. I open up every port/vent on the bottom but cover with a prefilter. Suck out at the heat zone near the top (again a prefilter) and push out through the carbon filter when they start getting smelly.

Just what I do, but there are other growers with more ideas to help you.


Thank you all! Didn’t know I depleted my replies yesterday so big thanks to @dirtydave @spankyjr1 @Kingkupa @LurkinLarry @1HappyPappy @JaneQP

As of of 6:30pm yesterday
Seeds are currently in paper towel, in zip lock baggies, waitin on them tails to show

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