Well here goes it

Light is 25” away from top of of plants at 60%

I am following spider farmers recommendations, they seem to be doing just fine with how I’ve had it for em, just didn’t know they looked like they needed it

Can anyone educate me on what these small growths are coming from the nodes?

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@spankyjr1 @PurpNGold74

Hey there! So I will be watering the AK and WW tomorrow for the start of week 3. I plan to ditch the mister and water them with 1-2 quarts. Is it still too early to add CalMag? So far all they’ve received is ph6.5 tap water


Plants look amazing so far!
I’m a first time grower and looking foreword to watching your girls grow!

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Glad to have you along!


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Looking good !
I would hold off on calmag for a couple more weeks then start with 1/2 dose every other watering/feed


G’morning everybody! While the other two are starting week 3 today BBG is starting week 2

She got a good misting with tap water ph 6.5

Not so much vertical growth as she is quite compact but also had a bit of helmet head to start so I’m being patient


Week 3 starts tomorrow for the WW and she’s happy at 3.5” however, like I did with the AK last week I will be adding a small amount of soil to the top of the pot so has better support

Today she received just under 1/2 gallon for her first watering without the mister

Temps 78° day - 73° night
Humidity 70% day - 64% night


Kicking off her 3rd week happy as can be, the AK47 got a good watering with 2 quarts of water ph 6.5

Her stem has really gotten stronger with the fan’s light breeze and she’s giving off a good little funk

I am officially calling both the WW and AK in week 1 of veg this week, I plan to veg them out for the next 6-8 weeks with training starting in the weeks to come

BBG needs to get her shit together and get with the program


Is there any hope for the BBG?

She had helmet head to start and took a few days for her cotyledons to open which I’m sure stunted her growth, however starting week 2 I am wondering if she has any potential with her mutated or whatever you wanna call it leaves… should she be put down? I feel the BBG needs to be grown in an environment of its own or perhaps this one really was just a problem child…


I wouldnt put her down. Challenge is to save her. Use the knowledge gained for next occurance. Just my thinking.


Anyone have any suggestions on training? Topping and if so when? She’s on week 3 so it may still be too early but I’d like to get her nice and wide so I can maximize my grow space


Hi there! I’ve seen you give feedback on a few journals/topics on topping and training and was hoping to get some knowledge on what my “next” move is

Is it too early to top my AK photo? (Pic above) she’s in week 3 from seed, in happy frog with just a weekly watering at ph6.5

She looks too early to train. Keep in mind that the main objective with training is to increase airflow and light penetration within the canopy of the plant.


I would agree with @Storm keep her
If you are worried drop another seed just in case
To early to top

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Day 17 for the AK47

She’s about the size of my hand, not stretching and after Monday’s watering has really perked up

She seems happy

Hey is my WW getting hungry? Should I feed her soon?

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@MidwestGuy @spankyjr1

So I brought the intensity up to 65% on my light and it’s at 24” I know I should be utilizing DLI better but this is the first grow and they seem to be doing fine.

If now is too early to top/LST when will I know my plants ready? It’s starting to get lots of small branches coming out the lower nodes and I see a lot of different information on topping at nodes 3/4, and 5/6…is one better than the other? So far it’s about 4.5” tall

I would have left the light where it was the node spacing looked good node spacing will get closer now that it won’t need to reach as much for the light
Another week or two to top IMO

How much height and width are you going for, will you be doing LST,
how tall is your tent, how long are you going to veg. just a few questions that will determine where to top, how tall is the strain supposed to get, Indica Sativa?


That’s normal for the leaf edges to have slightly burnt tips, young seedling adjusting to the medium nutrients. I top my plants when they have grown to the 5th or 6th node and top back to #3 or #4. It all depends on how fast their growing but if multiple strains I top the Indica at a node higher than my Sativa or Sativa dominant hybrids. You’re doing great and your ladies look nice and healthy :love_you_gesture: