Well here goes it

I don’t see excessive nitrogen what is RH and DLI or PPFD?
Maybe too much light or low RH?
I’m no expert though

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DLI isn’t something I’ve been using, right now I have the lights at 18” above canopy at 95% per spiderfarmers recommendation however in the weeks following the stretch I will back off the light a little but keep it at 100% intensity and the adjust the height so it can hit their DLI, this is something I really want to focus on next grow especially my ppm.

I am only going off what I’ve been seeing in other articles and I see that when new growth appears dark dark green, and starts to reverse canoe itself and very thin it can be a sign of too much nitrogen along with over watering, I did water a few days ago and hit them with recharge yesterday so I trust in a day or two they’ll be looking better

Going to taper off the nitrogen hard now that they’re almost a week into flower, lights on in 2 hours and I’ll see what we’re looking like then

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They’ve grown a lot this past week, I will have to water again in a few days, gonna lesson the Nitrogen and up the P/K

@spankyjr1 @OGIncognito

Decided to spread the WW out a little bit to take up the space, she’s getting crazy bushy, the AK will soon fill the net completely and I’ll have to make the second layer for the weeks to come


Running on all cylinders! Nice job on the LST and Scrog work :love_you_gesture:

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Are you making a scrog for the WW?
Looking good
I’m feeding my WW every other day 2 gallons each day they are getting big


Was thinking of just lsting the WW however I might build a scrog just for support if needed, trying different techniques for both plants to see what I like better for future grows


Good idea
I don’t scrog so I can take them in/out to work on them so I’m not bending over so much

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Week 2 of flower and they’re starting to show more pistils, very bushy, will probably feed them tonight, going to lesson the N and up the P/K significantly as they took last feeding like it was nothing


Looking good keep it up! :sunglasses:

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Plants look nice Brother. You in good hands here. You got the Weed Whisperers helping you out. Stay focused.

You well on the way to Horticulture Gold, Green, Reds, Purples.

You’ll be too stoned to care before too long.

Belated happy new year to you Spanky.


Happy new year to you as well!
Are you staying high on your own supply?



Lit as the day is long, Brother.

Lost my name tag for awhile there. Been busy. Life been throwing curve balls but it’s great none the less.

Are you using that Diablo Lamp? I knew you were looking at lamp strip add ons too.

How is the feedback on harvests? 4x8? Don’t want to take away from what the thread is all about tho.

Are you charting any of your newer grows here? I’ve been absent but back trying to learn.

I will watch this thread. Guy seems to have a knack for weed growing.


I’m using 3 x 260xl and 2 UVA lights in a 5x5 but thinking about getting longer heat sinks and adding another board to each one so there would be 3 boards on each instead of 2 right now I’m pushing 830 watts that put me around 1100ppfd at 12" with 48 DLI problem is it is much lower around the outside perimeter of the tent I still pulled 35 zips from 5 clones the last harvest currently have 4 different strain plants in the third week of flower all new strains for me and they are getting big

Not yet thinking about it

@ThatsNotMineOfficer is kicking ass doing a great job


@spankyjr1 @Work4iT

Thank you thank you! I learned a ton from the good people on this forum and have little but some experience in a vegetable garden, I am really enjoying the process and love the progress they’ve made!

I crashed at the girlfriends house last night so I wasn’t able to snap a picture of them but I will do so tonight, it’s been 48 hours since they’ve been fed last, going to drop the temp/humidity down a few degrees to adjust for VPD


Last Question…Spanks…

Are you finding that Cloning is a better producer on a perpetual grow?

Do you have a mother plant and a separate Tent and lamp for aeroclone / mother plant?

Turn around time is faster cloning so you would yield more in a year problem as I see it is you would be smoking the same strain all the time I like variety (I don’t sell any so it’s not a big deal I already grow way more than I could use)

No mother plant
Yes I have a separate tent complete set up for starting new strains while flowering the big tent
I also use an older Aero Garden for clones it has its own light so I can have flowering cloning and veg all at the same time


I am already making plans for a second grow, might convert my closet in the spare bedroom into its own seedling/clone/veg area…however I’d like to upgrade the tent to a 4x4 for flowering

Oh the things I can imaging myself spending money on lol


Go for it! it wouldn’t take much just a small light is needed for veg, seeding, and cloning.

  • some fans a few more pots that way by the time they are ready the flower tent will be free and you are way ahead of the game
    Good luck




Great Looking Scrog Netting. Did you DIY that?

I am itching to try a Photo. I am going to help my friend get his grow going so…

I find these little things, very PH sensitive and Light Hungry, Very tough and resilient weeds if you can keep them alive while young and tender.

I see you got veg growing experience, so you probably got a leg up on most of us. Me I was just known for killing cactus before I tried growing these weeds.

I also was screwing up, meaning I was predetermining what the feed cycle would be…

Like Spanks Shared. Feed and look at the plants in 24 hours later and see what they are telling you.

Spanks is yea the…“Weed Whisperer”. Stay Focused cause you fixing to stink up the house when these things get flowering.

Dude your Crushin it.

Stay Focused. Grow, Dry, Cure. All Super Important. 3 Part Process.