Well guys i finally trimmed the GGA

Hey guys ive finally trimmed up the GGA all up with what i harvested prior i ended up with six ounces of GGA and 2.5 ounces of purple lemonade auto now thats the end


Good Morning and Congratulations :tada::confetti_ball::balloon::champagne:. Happy Harvest :blush::v:

Well good morning to you and a goodnight for me lol yah its not bad im happy with it .its a really good smoke

Congratulations, I’m a week away from harvesting my GGA.

Nice i bet u will get more then what i got cause this was my first time growing GGA so i wasn’t really expecting a huge yield i didnt know what to expect from this strain and genetics i normally use dark wizard genetics and i normally get huge pp plants and flowers

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enjoy :sunglasses:

Yah i will

This is a pic of some gorilla glue


bud looks fantastic

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Thanks @BudzMS its a good smoke

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