Well damn one side of my panel isnt working

Someone please tell me this can be fixed!

Probably, is that cable damaged there?

No its soldered and thats electrical tape but if replacing it will fix it I can do that.

If it’s not visibly damaged probably not the issue.

Does this have two power supplies or just 1?

It has two, its a custom cable run so i can mount the drivers elsewhere

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Ok. Is this spider farmer light? If it has warranty you should probably reach out to them first, they may not warranty after you start taking apart. The next step would be to power down and remove covers for board wiring.

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I mean Im pretty sure they wont honor it, but shouldn’t replacing the cable fix the issue?

I don’t understand how replacing a cable that’s not damaged is going to help you?

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I think you should troubleshoot to identify an issue, then repair whatever issue you find.

If your joint there is bad, you should be able to repair it. You can use electrical connectors instead of soldering and wrapping in electrical tape. Or solder and heat shrink.

What kind of connectors do u recommend?

Wagos are handy. Thet also have waterproof barrel connectors on Amazon. Wire nuts would even work, but they are a little sketchy for that application.

What version of barrel connector do I need? Sorry don’t wanna keep screwing this up.

This is what I used

This is the power out connection from driver to lights
The 2nd connector is between the power cord and the power in side of the driver.

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What type of cord did you use? Thats 14/2 awg in the pic

There is a bunch of connectors like that, you just want to make sure the connector is compatible with the cable you’re using. They all usually have some cable diameter measurements included.

Actually it is 16-3 awg

What is?

Both cords, power in and out are 16-3

How do I find out what mine are?

It should be printed on the cord itself. They are nothing special. This a 9’

Bummer about your light. How long has it been in service?