Well Crapiola! My first real grow problem. Help!

I think I finally screwed the pooch and messed up a good thing.

Just started flowering a week ago and this was my second bloom nutrients but instead of 1/4th strength like I had been doing in both veg and flowering, I did 50% on the bloom and wallah! within 5 hours I get this weird color on some leaves.

What is it and what do I do about it?

Autos in week 5.5!




I would do fresh watet for a week or so. Flush out the soil a bit.


Can do! Adjust pH downward like in regular watering… or tap water at 7.9?

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Ok there’s nothing you can do about the damage done, the messed up leaves won’t repair themselves

Sounds like you know what triggered it, so I’d personally just water the next time or maybe even two times then go back to the regimen that was working

Your plants told, you it sounds like, that they were not ready for even half strength but wait for other people to chime in and get a concensus as I could be wrong on my thinking

Edit and yes adjust ph as always


Would be a lot easier to help you if all of your information was together in one or a small number of topics. I was just going to merge this with a different topic so that most or all of the information related to your grow was in the same place. I think I counted 24 topics, and you joined on 8/11? I’m not even sure where to put it.

We want you to start a new topic when it makes sense to do so, but just about all of your questions could be easily accessible in a grow journal. Then we wouldn’t have to ask for same stuff over and over again, it would be easily found by scrolling through the one topic. You shouldn’t really need more than one topic in each category, there’s 11 in grow cycle and maybe 5 or so in flowering section, plus you have a grow journal. Help us out and try to keep all of this in your journal where we can see how you got to where you’re at. If you have something unrelated to your grow, then a new topic is probably justified.


Fair enough. I’ll conform in the future


Thanks, although not really about conforming. I was just going to check your other topics to see if what information I could find about your grow.


Still the fact that im a lazy reader. Hehe

I’ll also tag onto other threads I’ve made


I could be wrong, but any chance your water chlorine was out of whack?

It is city water so regulated to maybe of only up to 3 ppm but i guess yes maybe possible. Why?

Not that it is significant, but the spots are in the middle and not the tips and spots not general discoloration. Does that help?

Just was the closest match I saw on this graphic:

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