Welcome to the Jungle

Whew, I tell ya, I’ve never had so many issues affect an indoor grow, but between a fast strain Skittlez herming, and now upon coming home from work I find I have spider mites. I have released predatory mites today as now I have them in two grow rooms. Let us pray.

Alas I stepped back and punted. Room #1 backroom which is a blue dream x Superskunk mother inbred line is doing well.

I’m sitting here sipping some Jack Daniels Black on ice with a splash of water watching the clouds roll by. @BudzMS When is the Canacon event on the coast as I just stepped off a Helicopter and forgot.

I’m gonna make this a perpetual indoor outdoor grow journal so expect everything but the kitchen sink.

Here’s the Blue Dream x Superskunk line I’ve been working on moved outdoor and flowering

These are some that were pollinated indoor and moved outdoor to finish. I now am the proud breeder due to a Skittlez Fast strain herm the owner of Skittlez x gelato, Skittlez x Purple Punch, SZ x Jamaican Dream, Skittlez x Grandpas x Stash and SZ x Lemon Berry Candy, damn Skittlez to hell.

Processing: IMG_2023-02-23-10-49-49-104.jpg…

I got this sumbeach on 250 watts playing AC DC but some idiot keeps turning it down, if I catch the …anyway back to my cross as I done got high four times off the same joint.

I got some autos for a spring run, got Barney’s Farm Watermelon :watermelon: Skillez and 420 fast buds Strawberry :strawberry: Banana :banana: all the Barney’s have popped but I’m only 2 for 5 on the Fastbuds. We will see. Who keeps letting this joint go out?

Ok I’m outta here, Peace :v:.



dang, sucks about the hermie, think you could use the seeds? Got a nice line up going. The cats are awesome. The Cannacon is tomorrow and Saturday.

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It was a feminized fast strain that hermed on lower branches. It crossed with other fem plants so on those I’m gonna plant a few and see.

Don’t look like I’m gonna make it, the better half is working all weekend. Think I’m gonna sit back and order some Durban Dew and Trainwreck seeds to plant outdoors. I actually moved the polinated plants outdoors as it’s been so warm.

The Skittlez x Purple Punch seeds and Skittlez x Grandpas Stash could be interesting but I’m gonna try them outdoors to see if any herm first.

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maybe see you at the next one. It has been warm last few days, actually hot lol.

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The war is on! I released predatory mites to give them a good head start and now the ladybugs. The spider mite party is officially over.


Where did you get the ladybugs?

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EBay but they don’t like me posting the link here. Type it in the search bar, 500 for ten bucks free shipping.

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@GreggT they were at my door in 4 days and all alive.


Just trying to limp through this one, the spider mite predators seem to be doing there job but the ladybugs have mostly all died, they just keep flying into the lights. This is end of week 6 of flowering.


@dbrn32 I see there was an old journal posted with the same “welcome to the jungle” name but never started awhile back on this link Welcome to the jungle. First grow journal

Would u like me to rename mine?


That has 3 posts. Plenty good with .e if it’s good fot you.


Limping through this one, the predator mites seem to have put a dent into these spider mites but I believe I did more damage by spraying green cleaner with the lights on.

I’m trying some bondage on these watermelon skittlez from Barneys farm

Popping some beans, Florida Gaspack, Purple Panty Dropper, train wreck, Durban Dew, White Widow x Skittlez, Lemon Berry Candy x Skittlez, Gelato x Skittlez

These spider mites are starting to be an annual spring problem, the predator mites work if put out soon enough or in overwhelming numbers. The leaves seem to be photo toxic to almost all sprays with continuous spraying every 4 days. I’m gonna nuke everything around this building soon as they seem to come in from the outside once plants are in flower through the ventilation.


I’ve found one interesting seedling that came from NASC a freebie Gelly Biscuit x Unicorn Poop it has longer leaves than any other seedling on the table. I had 0 luck with their OG Kush freebies 0 for 4 none popped.


super frosty

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Baby weed, baby chickens, baby peaches and plums ahh my favorite time of year.


I have most of the last run that turned into a seed run due to the herm put away now.

I have been putting more of my time into the outdoor, with that said here’s a very interesting new strain from Dirty Bird Genetics. Unicorn poop x Gelly Biscuit. It grows a dark green and seems to like it in the greenhouse.

I have a mixture of Purple Panty Dropper, Durban Dew, Florida Gaspack, Trainwreck and one Bubba Kush.

@W.B.elpaso the Humboldt Purple Panty Dropper is hard to beat in a greenhouse as it vegs like a beast. Don’t know bout the yield reports I have read on it a she seems to be a heavy not average producer to me.

The Florida Gaspack seems to be on the shorter side, but the Trainwreck looks like it’s headed to the roof even with three toppings.


The train is gonna be a handful. Viney and needs support all over. Slh was that way too. Ppd i suspect will be on the larger side. Who am i kidding, in az there all on the larger side. I hope you got some support ready for that train wreck. :v:

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Yeah I’m putting up two nets this year and multi topped it all. I’m gonna have the nets about 5 ft from the ground and am glad they came in as some are approaching net height now.

I just assumed the Gaspack being a cross of Triangle Kush and Chemdawg would get big but it’s growing more bush like and may not make the net, we will see.

I got multi topped clones of all of it that I’m getting ready for indoor but am already battling spider mites. I will be installing a drip system soon.

The Durban Dew is one that looks like she will get huge outdoor. It’s a cross between Durban Poison and Frisian Dew. I find it seems to be more resistant to the mites or at least less attractive it also vegs like a beast.

Putting the nets up

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