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Flipped to Flower Jan 6th. Day one of Flower Jan 19. I’m running these untopped and unmolested as I haven’t grown an untopped plant indoors in years. I have already caused a few issues by not measuring the dry fertilizer, especially with the Jamaican Dream. Regular waterings to 20 percent runoff seems to have solved the situation as the new growth looks good. I let the Mag and Calcium Nitrate clump up and I can see now which pot the clumps are in.

I’ve chosen Lilac Diesel x Lemon Berry Candy, Skittlez Fast, Gelato Fast, Jamaican Dream, Grandpas Stash x Lilac Diesel, Purple Punch and my own Superskunk.


Greetings. Looking awesome in there. Beautiful ladies. Will stay tuned.


Gelato Fast version


Lilac Diesel x Lemon Berry Candy. I grew this outside and it has a very Sativa structure with great lemon tasting bud. It was an early finisher. Shaped like a Christmas tree


Grandpas Stash x Lilac Diesel day one of flower. This one and the Purple Punch I may regret not topping. She’s already 3 feet and growing.


I got three in a 3x3 small tent. A Cuba libre strain that is flowering and two wedding cheese cake.


Gelato Fast version day one of Flower.

Skittlez Fast version

Day one of Flower


I’m hitting these with 600 HPS and a 260 watt led. I’m running these in 3 gallon pots with organic dry fertilizer in soil with mag and calcium nitrate. Ph is 6.5 but I’m running hot, anywhere from 800 to 1300 TDS. Gotta go back to measuring the Jamaican Dream suffered some burnt leaves from the higher nitrogen and Cal, but seems to be recovering as the new growth is looking way better. It did seem to stunt it

compared to it’s sister. Im fixing to defoliate and lolly pop the bottoms a tad. With the single colas untopped I may just stake them instead of putting up the net. I’m debating removing the led and running 2 600 watt super HPS side by side


Nothing seems to beat my ILGM Superskunk x unknown pollen donor. Big buds, big stalks, big leaves and short stature. I believe it crossed with what we call Alabama Big Bud that I have grown for years by bees.


Gelato Fast is a beast of a strain. Out of my new ones it’s a keeper. 12 days from flip is day one but it finishes a week or two quicker


Makes massive leaves. That’s the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket


I’ve settled on this short stocky male to do this round of breeding on my IBL.

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I’m sure you have thought about bending or supercropping. Or rather see where they end up.

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Yeah, I always top and net them but the only time on the coast that the humidity is not sky high is winter. We keep our buds smaller by design in this area to keep the mold down as mold likes big buds.

So for the first time in years being its wintertime with low humidity I’m gonna leave it be and see how nature does it inside and grow full size.

I started these plants up on top of 5 gallon buckets so as they grow I can eventually remove the bucket.

The main problem I already see is light distribution to the sides and bottoms. I may put another 600 watt HPS on them haven’t decided yet. I think I’m going to stake instead of net them so I can remove the pots to flush

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I added a 100 watt full spectrum led strip to the back. So I now have a 600 watt super HPS side by side with a new lm301b led 260 watts with an additional 120 watts of led for 980 total watts. Waiting on a drip system to come in. The second room has 800 total watts 600 are HPS the other 200 is led.

Today and for awhile I watered with plain nutrient free spring water. The Jamaican Dream #1 is still showing signs of Magnesium Toxicity think I will flush it tomorrow. Jamaican Dream is advertised as one of the fastest Sativa’s on the market. I can say this about this new strain, in 35 years of growing I’ve never seen a Sativa with such little to no stretch. I wish I would have vegged it a couple weeks longer. There’s always a learning curve with a new strain and with the JD go light on the nutes, veg it until it’s the size you want as it has such little stretch.

Purple Punch is 3 ft 7 and growing. All plants are in flower now. Tomorrow I glass them all for spider mites as I had issues with them during summer.

So far Gelato Fast is the stinkiest strain.

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Jan 23 2023

Flowering is in full effect now

Gelato Fast

Skittlez Fast

Jamaican Dream

9th day of flowering

Jamaican Dream

Gelato Fast strain

Grandpas Stash x lilac Diesel

The couple of plants with the slight overdose of dry fertilizer are looking alot better. Buds are growing

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Skittlez Fast strain Day 10 of flower

Lilac Diesel x Lemon Berry Candy

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Today I noticed red stigmas on the Skittlez Fast and found it had hermophidited and pollinated one lemon Berry Candy x lilac Diesel and one Gelato Fast. This is the second grow I’ve had this issue with the Skittlez Fast so I won’t be planting it anymore. The pH on the Jamaican Dream suddenly dropped to 5.5 I adjusted with pH up and added more lime.