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I thought this article was very interesting and takes away one of the major things that AG Sessions is making as a case for not legalizing recreational OR Medical use of cannabis.



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I’ve used silver as an antibiotic for years and can’t remember the last time I was sick. I used to make colliodal silver but it only stayed in suspension for a week. I file off of the silver bar now and put the filings in a capsule and injest it.
Underneath my finger nails is blue but I don"t get sick. Used to get at last 2 bad sinus colds or bronchitis every year.
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Hello all, new to the site and to growing. I look forward to gaining knowledge and sharing knowledge.


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HI. . I purchased the full membership and had created posts and added pics of my grow and I haven’t been on for over a month but now my membership seems to have disspared. I had to create a new account and seem to have lost my membership to the course which I paid $200 nzd for?
What’s going on?


Haha I just found this thread to. Lol