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They look overwatered. That soil doesnt seem to have very good drainage. I see no perlite (awesome additive) and it just looks soaking wet.

How often are you watering and how long does it take to dry out typically?

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I do not see any mold. So thats a good thing. Welcome to ILGM.

Now on your Blue Dream Auto… the buds will only get as big qnd dense as your light allows. If ur lacking in that area, the end product will reflect as so.

What kind of light you running?

How long has she been flowering? (Date u first noticed crowns or buttons of pistils)

Youre correct sir. Basic rule of thumb is 50w per ft ². Most plants can take up a 2x2 EASILY. So thats 200w per plant… in normal circumstances


If you are going to be adding lights, id start by sizing up your grow op. How many ft ² are you trying to grow in.

DB is our light guru but he’ll need some data from you like… the space mentiond above. And budget. HLG (Horticulture Lighting Group) is the goto around here. Kick ass lights. Bomb customer service. Grows wicked buds. Give then a google.


Not sure how often he was watering them but the soil felt dry and cold when he gave them to me. Also if I use foxfarm dirt do I still need to use perlite?
Also that you for your input @PurpNGold74

@PurpNGold74 Looks who’s spitting FACTS in the AM!! Better be careful with that or I’ll send everything I stumble across your way Big Dawg!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I use FF soils and always amend about 15-25% more perlite. More drainage is always better.

How long have u had them? And have u watered at all?

Long story short. Dont water them again until that dirt dries and they are begging for a drink. Cannabis likes it flood to drought style. Literally.

And @Fieldofdreams u know I live for tag bombs. Lemme know what u find


@PurpNGold74 We 2Guns stylin!!

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Hi - I need a little help, please! I believe I accidentally put two germinated seeds into the same little pot, but I cannot see them to move one out! If both seeds sprout up, how/when should I try and separate them? Silly newbie mistake. Please let me know. Thank a lot!

How long ago? Now? Dump that sh!t out and hit redo. Sooners better than later. Sift through until you find them or your gonna be raising Siamese Twins.


Sounds like a win. They are definitely still separatable. Normally u have until first good set of leaves come out before the roots are very long. N even then, some steady hands can separate friendly roots


Brother @PurpNGold74 is on a roll today :love_you_gesture:


How much longer would you let them grow it about wk7 of flowering

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Can somebody tell me what the hell this is doing its gsc autoflower

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Um it looks like it’s flowering.
Am I missing something?


Looks like you are just beginning to flower not week 7. Are you counting from flip or from first sign of pistils. Also looks like your lights are insufficient.

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Hey everyone I’m growing two Jack herer autoflowers. I’m on day 57 since they have popped out of the ground. This is my first grow so no ppm meter or pH meter… yet. Just wanted some thoughts on my two plants, I used a little lst on the one plant and I let the other on just grow until it hit flower and I stripped some of the branches. I’m seeing lots of yellowing and brown spots showing up on the plant I trained. My other plant I think needs just a bit more N to green it up. Im using an “organic super soil” but have been adding cal/mag as needed, best judgement I guess.

Just wanted your guys suggestions!

Hello! Only 4 of the 10 seeds I planted germinated. I need to talk with someone regarding the germination policy. Thanks!

We are on a 5 meter square space we are using led lights
Are they reliable or shall we use halogen lights better am not in the US so am not familiar with famous brands out there

115 watts! Im using hlg 100 & its 95 watts. But im getting some decent buds & my last grow i made several mistakes & got loose airy buds but it was hot!! It was Blueberry auto & tasted gooood :yum: here’s my current grow gsce auto. Im using ILGM Nutrients. They are in plain promix potting soil from walley world. YOu should be able to get the same outcome as mine or better! Keep that light around 12" i have them on 18-6. Waiting for amber!! Good luck & keep some airflow on your babies, an oscillating fan works good.


STOP GIVING THEM NUTRIENTS!!! hot organic soil needs NO nutrients. Maybe some molasses towards the end? This one was grown in hot organic soil with absolutely no nutrients.

It could have been better, i made some mistakes (first grow)