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Thanks for the welcome and good wishes! That’s what I am hoping is the deal, but really needed some reassurance of this, as it seems to me a High percentage of plants I cultivate do not grow as described, and at least one out of the 3 - 5 plants every grow have some kind of leaf issue. Currently, I have one (the GSC) that in addition to the leaves turning red and yellow, the edges are curled down and the tips are drooping hard, and they are looking shiny. I have addressed every cause listed by many sources for this condition but nothing seems to change anything at all. I guess these challenges are part of what makes it fun to grow marijuana! Thanks again


Thanks! been here awhile - just never bothered to sign up. just leached off you guys. Although I’m not a rookie at 60 yrs old, I’ve learned alot here, thanks to you all.


I have been growing since the 70’s. So much has changed. I have learned a lot from this group of GroPros (in my opinion).


@Bogswain its definitely a challenging plant but what better feeling than getting through your trials and firing up a bomb azz bowl of your very own homegrown after a successful harvest?!?!

Has anyone asked about your watering practices? Curling down is typical of overwatering and possibly root issues. Have you added any bacteria to help your soil?


New here. 65, retired. Fairly proficient at gardening and maintaining my landscaping. About to venture off into the ILGM family.

Outdoor, a 3ft X 15 ft raised bed with drip irrigation system. 3 to 5 plants - depending on which strain(s) I decide on. I would like more than one. I would purchase feminized seeds, sprout in the kitchen window, and transplant at the appropriate time according to each strain.

I’m in between Galveston and Houston. Yeah, I know heat and humidity, potentially drought or flooding summers. A lot of challenges. But, hey - I am retired - plenty of time to nurture them. Wondering with our mild winter and long growing season - April-October (sometimes December before the first frost and as early as mid February for the last one. Does anyone around here try to get in 2 harvest? An April-May-June-July and a July-August-September-October.

Any recommendations as to my climate zone hardy strains?

I want a high THC smoke. I do have Neuropathy (chronic pain) in my hands and feet. Also, a prostate cancer survivor. Cancer Free since February. Changed to a more healthy diet, walk a lot - despite the pain, got off all Rx pain meds (3 years now). Still have a few scripts I must take for other bs, but trusting Mother Nature and pretty much gone vegetarian by accident.

I am old school, started with Mexican Brick Weed in 1970, cleaning out the seeds and stems before you could roll the first joint.

I have grown quite fond of Orange Dream, Orange Crush, White Widow and Girl Scout Cookie (to name a few) over the last 3 or 4 years, to give you a clue as to what I want to have on hand come harvest time.

All hints, comments, advice, words of encouragement shall be greatly appreciated.



Hi @Muttley1127 , welcome to the fam!! Are you familiar with ‘auto’ seeds? You mentioned the possibility of 2 grows being possible with your extended outdoor season, these typically finish quicker and still provide you with all the attributes your interested in. Good luck!!

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He said he wants to grow outdoor. Dont grow autos! Youll be very disappointed.

I think you may need autoflower plants to do this. If you have photo plants outdoors they will veg on extending daylight hours and not flower until a month or longer after summer solstice. I’m not too familiar with climate in that area though, maybe @BobbyDigital can help?


Welcome to the forum @Muttley1127!

@Borderryan22 may also be able to provide some insight into your growing season. He grew some outdoor girls this past year.


Hi @Muttley1127. And thanks for the tag @AfgVet! I’m in your neck of the woods Mutt, probably 20 minutes from. I don’t know about the 2 harvests. Not with photoperiods anyways, as they’ll flower when the sun cycle allows them. Indoors you can absolutely do 2, even 3 harvests if you time all your germination and propagation right. But flower doesn’t generally even start in our area til early-mid september. If you got autoflowers you could absolutely do 2 harvests.


I am also between Galveston and Houston. As @dbrn32 stated auto flowers are best for planting late (September-ish). But it’s really dependent on the weather we get. Last year was a great year for outdoor, late planting. This year would be rough. The cold temps and constant rain would make it really difficult to get started.

I’ve grown a few plants here outdoors but between the bugs and humidity it’s just much easier growing indoor.


My plants are three weeks old and they look like they’re throwing pistols or Nanners. They’re feminized banana Kush plants. What should I do?

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Good morning @Ashanno1. Welcome to the Forum friend!! Switch over to your flower nute schedule and enjoy the final phase. Is that a ‘auto’ plant? What’s the lighting schedule your on currently?


No autoflower, light schedule is 24/0 3 weeks veg stage

So not an autoflower?

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Very strange indeed. On a light schedule of 24/0 a photo plant shouldn’t begin flowering yet. None the less she’s beginning regardless. Just nuture her the best you can and start some more seeds as well since she’ll not provide you with the large harvest you were probably aiming for. But she will give you something plus experience.

Please explain 3 weeks veg stage. Like 3 weeks in veg plus 2 or 3 weeks as a seedling? Otherwise these wouldn’t really be mature enough to flower.

If these are 5+ weeks from sprouting i would say these were probably just stressed into producing flowers.

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The plants are six weeks from when they were planted in dirt from germinating by paper towel method.

Is there anything I should different do at this point? Just continue as normal?

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Id be willing to bet money, those are autos. Probably sent you the wrong seeds. Ive seen alot of that this year.