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Here are tonights Chomes on the Indiana Bubblegum


Indoors or out won’t really make a difference with auto bud density. The autos I’ve grown are around 60/40 average on density compared to airy. Indicas will naturally be more dense than Sativas. They all smoke the same in my opinion :love_you_gesture:


First time grower, Lemon Haze growing indoors. Will it be good to mix organic potting soil and worm casings at a 50/50 ratio for seedlings??

Im new and not sure how to open a new topic. Didn’t see any options other than posting here.
My question revolves around growing in the garage during winter/summer temps. Thinking of a grow tent and one of those small heat/cool/dehumidifier units. Is it SAFE? Does it work? Temps will get into the mid 20s in winter at night 30s-50s day. And summer can be 95 plus.
Looking to get a strong LED, enough to maybe do CO2.
I read that the soil needs to be warm, so does anyone use a heating pad, or does just raising them off the concrete floor do the trick? Any other thoughts on garage growing.

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Thanks OG, i. Kinda leaning towards auto indicas i have now hell 20GDP ILGM AUTOS AND 20 OGPURP KUSH ALSO ILGM ill save the lemon haze for later on

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Nice line up and I’ve grown them all but the GDP. Can’t explain that seeing as I love the buzz from it. SLH is a great day smoke and the PKush is a great evening chill out smoke :love_you_gesture:

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Seedlings don’t really require any nutrients, the first 2 leaves that develop provide all the nutrients they need until root system is developed. As such, it makes little sense to mix amendments into organic soil for seedlings. Especially such a strong mixture of worm castings. Transplant into something like this later, although I’m not sure 50% castings is needed either.

Not going to be any short indefinite answer for you. If you want to be successful growing will require you to keep environmental conditions reasonable, but what this will take varies by a lot of different factors. If you want to run ac and/or heat in sealed room you’ll definitely want to make sure you have enough co2 for plants to thrive. Then you’ll have to make sure your heating and cooling is sufficient for your climate and any additional loading from your equipment.

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Ok, yeah, I have a closet inside that I use. Was wanting to expand for a few more strains. Didn’t know if those heater AC units were capable of keeping up with outside temps.

I’m not sure exactly what you’re talking about? We put a diy split unit with heat strips in a buddies outbuilding few years back, it does very good. The building is also insulated extremely well.

Im talking about a Gorilla grow tent inside the garage with a small portable heat unit.

That’s tough to do having to exchange the air in the tent.

Here are some pics from my harvest.


Looking great Ty, beautiful buds bro

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I don’t know if it helps but I was always told to put it in dark and cool place one year is trying to sprout them try it I don’t know might help that’s the way I do it And I’ve had 100% sprout

Beautiful Buds Ty… :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: harvest flowers for you my friend. Great job :beers: :sunglasses: :peace_symbol: :heart:

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Thank you NUG!

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Hi odg, I only got one godfather to sprout. I used seed pods that I always use but only got one plant. Took seeds out n put them in water. One disintegrated. The one I got took forever to sprout second set of leaves. Transplanted it into the best soil I could buy. It’s in limbo again. Got everything right. Humidity ect. Not my first rodeo just having a hard time with these. Any advise would be appreciated before I order more godfather seeds

Are these in veg this is day 13 from seed


I generally count the seedling period as the 1st -14 days above ground. Day 15 from sprout is veg day 1 :love_you_gesture: