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I believe it’s doing Great!!


Thank you appreciate it.



I need some help, I’m a completely new and don’t know much about growing.

My girl has started to show some bad signs in the past week, she’s a blue dream.

No idea what the setup is, I got it from a friend.

The tips of the fan leaves started to turn a little yellow and now now the lower leaves are turning patchy yellow.

It’s in soil in a grow box that I’ll attach to this post.

If someone could help me ASAP with the issues I would truly appreciate that. Thanks!


Hello @Insomnia
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Fill out a support ticket and someone should be able to point you in the right direction
I’m trying to paste support ticket but not working out for me :stuck_out_tongue:

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How do I even do that? I can’t figure it out :confused:


Not sure if this is the correct one but answer all the questioned mentioned that apply and the pros and fine lady’s and gents can help you out

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Good Morning @Insomnia you need to copy and paste the support ticket. Then you answer the question the best you can. Just right off I would ask if you are checking your PH and what nutrients are you using and what medium is she planted in?? Just my uneducated guess you need to add some calmag or Epsom salts.
Happy Growing :blush::v:


Your plants look great, I wouldn’t change a thing

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From looks you have a ph issue or lack of nutrients available to your plant. I would ditch the 3in1 tester and get yourself digital ph and tds testers. Will keep an eye out to see if you get support ticket info up for other information.

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Need help with my agent orange grow . I believe I could be dealing with light bleaching

Have pics?

I can take some but I’m in the dark cycle atm

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Guess I’ll have to wait. She’s almost 7 ft tall happened fast as hell … :laughing:

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When you can get some pics best bet is to start a new topic. It will get most traffic that way. This is technically just a welcome topic in the grow support section. Whatever works though.

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What is the white on my bud?

Help with this problem ?

Looks like mold


Is it time yet? Used joule and still not sure.

Hi-looking for some info on how to grow bigger buds?

Hi @Zoladarling and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
I use something called shooting powder in the last few weeks of flower. It has high potassium and phosphorus and helps made buds huge. The packet I use is from House & Garden. Besides the added amendments, genetics will play a big role. If you already have plants in flower, try the shooting powder. If not, it is always worth researching which strains have consistently big buds. Good luck!