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I want to know if Fox Farms Ocean forest smart natural potting soil or Fox Farms Happy Frog??? This is my only options. Please Help me again… Allan C

@allanc from what I have read fox farm is good. Also promix is good. Apotforpot ships to Canada.

Hey @allanc did you find some soil to use and how is it going? What I have read by many folks is layer the bottom 1/3 or 1/2 with FF Ocean Forest, then put Happy Frogs or another good plain soil (no strong nutes in the soil) on top of the Ocean forest. The FFOF is very hot, meaning it can burn your plants as they are not used to it, that’s the logic in layering the two soils. I am using just FF Happy Frogs with Dakine420 Nutes, it’s a powered nute, so you don’t have to mess with heavy containers of liquid. But when using the powered stuff, you need to mix each powered nute in a separate container, shake well then add to the watering container. They sent me a really nice sample pack for free and it has a lot of their products almost all in the sample packs. Finally one other thing I like about them is you don’t have to buy three, four, five different nutes to use. It’s usually just two depending, if you issues like PH or Mag there are nutes for that as well. Nope, I don’t work for them or get anything back, just my experience (what little there is, LoL) and it’s free. I was looking for a grow journal on the Apotforpot to see what came of it…

I’m finally getting around to doing my Pot for Pot kit! It’s a Blue Dream auto in their 5 gallon kit. I’ll update weekly :v::bear:


@MattyBear how is your apot for pot grow going?
I’m thinking of using it on my next grow. Do you have to add nutes to it or not? I know their adds say kit contains everything needed for seed to harvest…just add water and light…I just can’t believe it’s that easy

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Nothing happening yet. I think the roots are doing their thing but the plant is still small lol. I’ll get a pic later :v::bear:

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