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Hello ILGM members. We are promoting apotforpot.com
A starter kit for new growers. This kit will provide a simple and effective system that allows beginner growers a
successful first grow.

This system is very similar to what we have been teaching new growers, except it all comes in one box. Everything you need for the plant itself is included in the box.

I got mine today and received it within a week of my order. The ILGM staff have all received apotforpot and we will be doing a shared journal as we grow some of your favorite strains to test out the apotforpot system.

This category is for grow support and guidance using the apotforpot kit. All Order issues should be addressed to customer service and not posted here.

Thanks to you all! Happy growing! :slight_smile:

latewood for ILGM


Nice product.

Do u know the company plans to do a hydro setup?

Thanks for your question! We may do a hydro kit next year, but for now we’re focused on natural soil grows.


Love the idea, like the site layout! Affiliate program also?

I am going to grow an auto flower and I would like to know what soil I should use and do I have to transplant or can I put them in a 5 Gallon breathable container and let it grow from start to finish.??? Someone, please help this is my first time…

Welcome to forum. There are lots of good soils out there, one of the deciding factors is how involved your going to be in the feeding program. You can go with Foxfarm and not have to worry about feeding until late in the game. If you go with something like ProMix then feeding will start much earlier. Autos don’t like to be transplanted. Get them started in solo cups then go to their final home. Be carful not to water too much.

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Yes! You can register for our affiliate program here:

Thanks for your question! Cannabis prefers slightly acidic soil, so we recommend our own Super Soil blend. It has 17 amendments to provide all the nutrients your autoflower needs from seed to harvest, to keep things simple and easy for first timers.

You don’t need to transplant with autos, though you can. We recommend you either start in one of our Seedling Starter Kits, which are included in our Complete Kits, or start directly in your 5 gallon breathable pot if you’re using our method of layering your pot with Super Soil and a Top Soil Mix above.

Thank you for getting back to me so fast. I am really frustrated because I can’t get the soil that I’ve seen online. Would you be able to tell me the name of a soil that’s good for auto-flowering seeds? Something I can buy at a home and garden center that is good for cannabis. I know you want to sell your own product but could you PLEASE break the rules and tell me what soil I can use. Thank You, Allan

Are you unable to make online purchases?

You can mix the soil yourself using the amendments we recommend. It’s labor intensive, but it works great.

If you don’t want to make your own mix, Fox Farms Happy Frog works well for autos. It’s not as “hot” as some other products and is inoculated with mycorrihzae.

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I can make online purchases but I live in Canada and you don’t deliver here. I am not able to make my own. I’ve looked at Amazon.ca but they charge $50 to $100 for delivery. I just want to find a soil off the shelf that would do the job. This is my first grow (2 auto plants) and I am on a budget. Someone, PLEASE HELP!! Allan

Best bet is to go to your local hardware or garden store and see what soils they sell. Cannabis is legal in Canada so a sales person should be able to point you in the right direction. You can always take pictures of the bags of soil and post them here and we can let you know which one to get :v::bear:


We deliver to Canada.

I can’t get Foxfarm because it is not legal to cross the border in Canada. Could you suggest something that I can get here in Canada??? It’s also very expensive. PLEASE give me some more ideas for soil… Thanks for your time. Allan C

Thank you ‘bud’ that’s the best advice so far. Not sure if the employees will have much knowledge but I will try that. Any special nutrients I should look for. IE Nitrogen, Phosphorus etc… In other words the #'s on the bag like 10-5-10. This is for an Auto-flowering Sativa plant. Thanks again !!! Please respond if you can come up with any more info it would be MOST APPRECIATED. Allan C

Thank You.

I know someone who grows in a remote part of Canada and they use ProMix. I’m not sure where your located but I suspect there is a grow store near. @MattyBear gave you great advice. Good luck. Let us know what other questions you have.

I’d look for soil with a low percentage of stored nutrients. You don’t want anything that is time release or says it will feed for 3+ months. Pre washed coco is another good option if you can find that.

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I finally found a way of getting Fox Farms. What I found is Fox Farms Ocean forest smart natural potting soil. Will this work?? It’s expensive so I need to know so I can order it. Allan C. Thank you for your time.