Welcome to the apotforpot Q & A forum. Groew support only


Hello ILGM members. We are promoting apotforpot.com
A starter kit for new growers. This kit will provide a simple and effective system that allows beginner growers a
successful first grow.

This system is very similar to what we have been teaching new growers, except it all comes in one box. Everything you need for the plant itself is included in the box.

I got mine today and received it within a week of my order. The ILGM staff have all received apotforpot and we will be doing a shared journal as we grow some of your favorite strains to test out the apotforpot system.

This category is for grow support and guidance using the apotforpot kit. All Order issues should be addressed to customer service and not posted here.

Thanks to you all! Happy growing! :slight_smile:

latewood for ILGM


Nice product.

Do u know the company plans to do a hydro setup?


Thanks for your question! We may do a hydro kit next year, but for now we’re focused on natural soil grows.


Love the idea, like the site layout! Affiliate program also?