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High everybody. I’m so glad to have found this forum. I’m kinda new at aquaponics. However, making the transition from hydroponics wasn’t that bad really. Actually it’s been friggin awesome. I love this growing technique. I’ve never been much of a “store bought” person, I’m always looking to improve things. So after some research and hours of videos from experienced “aquafarmers” I designed my own system that allows the plants and fish to coexist in the same tank. Of course, it took some trial and error on my part to fine tune it. But, it’s worth the time and effort by giving you back free time and use less effort. It practically takes care of itself like a mini ecosystem.



Awesome buddy, welcome to forum, if you have a chance post a pic of your system, good luck @PokeSmot


I agree. Start a journal about your system.



Nice and frosty


Thanks. My biggest problem that I’ve ran into which I’ve not got a solution for is not anything to do with the aquaponics method itself. It’s actually common among growers using all mediums though. I have 4 indica of at least 3 different strains??? And 3 Sativas of 2 different strains. One being Sour Diesel!!! I’m totally stoked about that. Back to the problem. In a small indoor grow area I found the different strains hard to please climate wise. It’s kinda hard to provide 2 different climates in a 5 ft x 4 ft area. In the past I’ve stuck with growing one strain at a time but this was really started as an experiment. So the seeds were a mixed selection. But the buds are are coming in beautifully on all plants. I’m happy