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They look good. How many clones do you have going?


I’ve done a lot of them, I’m sorry to throw them away, and they would not matter to the flowers



Nice plant, what type of fish are you using?


You two dark souls and the one with the fruit is healing successfully so I think: rofl:


My expert aquaponic friends would probably advise you to clean up around the bottom of that plant to allow more energy to the top. I would agree.

I also wanted to tell you that I plan to enlarge the aquaponics category to include some advanced categories.

Happy growing




What would I add to you: wink:



The construction is so strong that it would take a lot of hard stuff


I did not mean to lollipop the plant. I said clean up the bottom. You have basically defoliated the entire underside of the canopy. Well… This will work at the price of yield.

Happy growing, lw :wink:


I already had it this way and the bottom was 3 times cleaning I will try to clean it again but I think it is at least evil, every day I pour 5l of cold water and keep the water cold that is very good for them and the roots are healthy and white
In any case, I will not just leave it to myself and I will be happy to give you any advice
Thank you





Very nice I love it :blush:


Tank you my friend


that is a little different. :slight_smile:


These are the clones from above


Left and right side to room