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I’ve had that happen to certain strains as soon as I put them in to aquaponics. Maybe it’s more sensitive to the nitrogen the water but some strains don’t curl at all.



Both are in dual root zone aquaponics. Trainwreck and a gifted clone gorilla glue hybrid. The gorilla glue curled as soon as I put her in the bucket.


I think the twisted leaves on yours @Mrcrabs is due to it being a clone. Clone leaves grow out weird like that at first before putting out traditional marijuana leaves.


I hope that’s the issue, as long as it’s healthy it’s fine. I did have another clone grow like that now that I think of it.


Mine do the same thing. Especially monster cropped clones.


I call him King, Sir Sir, I will be great to look forward to the harvest


Jack herer a single seed bank crossed by Jack Harrer from the second seedbank



Stated clones that want to be the best


Nice job. Looks like you will have your work cut out for you! :slight_smile:




The white widow looks very good


Look likes you are doing fairly well, however; I think you might find “growing with fishes” podcast #1 very interesting. Steve and Marty discuss the “dual” root zone method and this method is taking the aquaponics growers by storm. :slight_smile:



The white widow grew 40 cm and started flowering



Hello all friends, I’ve been a lot of work outside but I’ll show you the sequel to my early flowering: wink: