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@BrayneGro It has a creation in it that mixes the air n water without an air pump. I’m adding a mist maker in it, this really makes them grow crazy. My grape Kush is growning in the kinda the same thing.


You need to cover those open holes in the top of your grow reservoir. Algae will be very proactive and rob your solution of Oxygen.


I’ve been experimenting with this and I’ve encountered any issues. The devise I’m inventing tears the algae up and uses it as food and adds nano bubbles in.

This is my green with algae turtle tank

These tomatoes have been living outside in sunny Florida for 9 months now with no cover.

The tomatoes flow table I had them in fell apart and I just put them in this bucket with an air pump. This will be fixed this weekend. No air for me

My new invention only uses a power head, no air pumps. I wish I could tell you more and show more it’s just moving through the patent process.


Also the holes are for venting the devise, it suck in so much air it made a vacuum holding the lid tight. Kinda funny


You can post any aquaponic grow you have here in the Aquaponics section. I advise you to make your own topic so people can keep up with what “you” are doing. Post away.

Not sure if you know; We also have a veggie section in the Members Lunge


Growing vertical. Love it :slight_smile: Getting ready to build a trellis or modified greenhouse for my Tomato’s.


That is pretty cool.

You should check out the “Growing with fishes” podcast every Thursday night at approx. 9:30 EST. Tons of info, and we answer questions from our listeners in the chat on youtube.

See you there. :slight_smile:


@latewood thanks. I’m off to watch fishys.


Anyone have any good suggestions for low pressure manifold


I do not necessarily agree that aquaponics will yield more than hydro set ups but, my friends do get equal results now that the science has caught up with growers ability to imagine new and successful ways to achieve growing magic.

Howvwe; You can eat fish or crawdads after growing them in your AP tank, so that is something you cannot do in hydro or soiol. LOL :slight_smile:


I just noticed that you mentioned length of time comparison. No method is faster to harvest than another. Plants are ready when they are ready. Period. :slight_smile:


Apologies - meant to make reference on the aquaponics growth rate over soil based medium growing - not other forms of hydro/dwc etc…I believe these growth rates would be similar.


No need for apologies. Just stating some opinions of fact. :slight_smile:

Happy growing.


I’m testing 3 blueberries one in aquaponics, soil and bubbleponics to see. Going to be fun


Glad to see all of you embracing aquaponics. :slight_smile:


It’s the way it should be. Look at nature. There is no difference from this and propagating corals. It awesome that nature is right again.
Off to make a bigger turtle pond.


Hey guys new here. Would like so desperate advise here. First time with hydro/ aqua style. My plants are getting very soft and I need to bring them back.



@CooperinKredible Sorry i didnt see this the day you posted bro but it looks like you are doing a dwc style so the first thing that comes to mind is, is there adequate aeration to the roots? You need lots of aeration for dwc. what is your water temperature? If its too high your dissolved oxygen levels could be too low. what is your ph? it should be between 6.5 and 7 if you can get it there. Those things along with a small desk fan to keep the air moving should give the plants the conditions they need. Hope this helps.


Thanks man. I did a total system flush. I do have a fish tank air pump with two twelve inch air manifolds per tub. My pH is always 6.5-7. but what should I be looking at for ppm? I checked it last night and I’m around 8-9 hundred. I’ll put up my recovery pics up tonight after work.