Welcome to our new Aquaponics category


Dumme and Aquaponi Steve will be your guides through this wonderful are of growing with fish.

Although for years we did nbot think too highly of Aquaponic grows. Grwat growers across the world are making this a truly viable method of growing.

PLease join us in a new adventure, and let’s grow with fish.

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Fishing pole not included lol. Sounds interesting


It will be. The applied aquaponics these guys are doing far surpasses what most people have seen or tried. It is extremely valuable information that will be shared, and all hydroponics growers will benefit from the sharing of this expert level knowledge. :slight_smile:


The fish feed the ladies and the Gardner. Love it. Wish I had the room. :sunglasses:


Should be a interesting catergory :slight_smile:


this should be interesting…


Cool. I’ve got tomatoes living in my turtle water.


Interesting topic… if it’s anything like growing tomatoes aquaponically - yields should be considerably bigger and quicker growth all round.
Following with interest


I can’t wait to see and figure out a new way of growing how exciting please be sure to tag me when you guys get this rolling


Hey hey let me know if you have any questions.


I wish I didn’t live so far north if frozen fish fed plants I’d have it made have a hard enough time keeping my dog’s water dishes defrosted in winter. I suffer from space lack indoors so grow in my shed but I am certain that this topic will have cross system benefits


@AquaponicSteve Has anyone got pictures of an aquaponics set up, growing our favorite medicine…?

Understandably, getting the set up right would be key to output/production - Has anyone experienced first had if there is an increase in yield and or quicker growing time, over soil based grows?


a pic of some CBD Therapy by CBD Crew 3-4 weeks cured. Not sure i didnt date the jar.
clone of a bag seed or a green alien clone (got clones mixed up) at day 35ish. Already packin on the frost.
these are around day 50 in this pic
veggin it out


Can I post pics of my veggies here cause my pot grow is not started yet? I want to show how I do it outside in sunny Florida.


Go ahead. Most folks do companion planting anyway and grow veggies, especially leafy greens to help remove some of that N.


This is my turtle tank which I use for my outside veggies for now.

I don’t cover the roots in this bucket.


Turtle tank huh? Interesting. I know that people have voiced concerns with salmonella when dealing with amphibians or reptiles. How long has your turtle system been functioning and have you experienced any issues with salmonella?


This is running for a year. I’ve never been sick from reptiles and I had a 7 foot Nile monitor. I’m lucky if their water lasts 3 days with all the systems I have out back. You run into issues with any system that never gets cleaned.

The plus with turtles is almost no amonia is released. Koi and gold fish are mad producers of this as talapia too.


Ok girls have popped and I now have my aquaponics setup.


Nice. U goin for a dwc or aero style?