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Hey scroll up a couple tell me what yang think


I started this category, and then this topic to introduce members to a place to get to know each other away from the cultivation section. I never meant or thought this one topic would go on for so long. It does give new members a place to read and post in order to gain permissions :slight_smile:


Aloha bra.
Thanks, saw your post about your first holiday alone. Not mine, left a joke for you.
Have a Merry Christmas.


I known the feeling brother, I didn’t even put up a tree… So you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year, you deserve it…


Yes merry Christmas everyone. And a very happy new year.
If I’m right about my scheduling then Sally should be ready for new years. An then it will be a happy one indeed.




Had a decent afternoon. Mom and Dad came out and we went shopping for a couple hours. We had grilled onions and cheese sandwiches. Yummy.

They went to Church. I got a panini press for Xmas. Gave Mom a new 22" flat screen monitor to replace her 50 year old miniature CRT…LOL

I wish I had my chatroom up already. We could have some fun . Coming soon.


Nope I was off should be ready by Feb.


Yayyy, Chat Room !!


Thank GOODNESS the “family” holidays are over! New Years is a party holiday, I’m cool with that one!

Here’s a little sampling of my take for the day:

Good ol’ sis, she got me the little mosquito drone, along with this notepad and weed (I rolled the J myself), which I am going to spark up just as soon as I post this!! :wink:


Good deal of candy there. Like the drone. I need to get mine out and learn how to fly the damn thing. Happy Holidays :slight_smile:


flying them is easy it’s the landing part :wink:


70 year old woman posted "Husband Wanted " ad in the local newspaper , saying you cannot be a woman beater are run around on her and still be good in bed . The next to her surprised the doorbell rang , so to her dismay it was a grey hair gentlemen in a wheelchair with no arms and no legs , she said you cannot be the answer to my ad she said you have no arms and the gentleman said so I can’t beat you , than she said you have no legs as she snorted , he said than I cannot run around on you , so she paused and said wait so you still good in bed ? The gentleman laid back in his wheelchair and replied boldly I rang the doorbell didn’t I …blessings Happy Memorial Day !!!


Hey looks like I made it. :grin:

I’ll try to keep my potty mouth under control.

TGIF my farmer friends :heart_eyes:


That is a good old joke Uoshi. LOL Been a while since I heard it though,

Peace to all, lw


I just had to share my good fortune! I went to the “Black Friday” sale Thursday night and just as I walked in the door, just 2 left, brand name, 4 gallon WetVac for just $20!! Merry Christmas to ME!! I read somewhere on here that’s what someone used to manage overflow in their grow room so they didn’t have standing water. Couldn’t believe my luck!

And I have new ILGM seeds arriving any day now as my Christmas present to myself, Skywalker OG, Banana Kush, and of course, a couple White Widow autos for good measure.

In the 18 months since I began growing, I have lost 40 pounds, significantly improved my relationship with my family (a high me is a happy me!), and overcome a debilitating clinical depression that the heaviest doses of the latest pharma pills couldn’t cure. I’ve even embraced high exercise. A little company in Colorado promotes toking up before exercise, and I gotta say, it’s nice! A nice mellow hit followed by a sunrise bike ride on an isolated country highway is incredibly peaceful and uplifting.

I know the term “medical marijuana” gets kind of laughed at and kicked around as being “just an excuse to get high,” but for old codgers like me pushing 50 with the aforementioned issues, it truly is a miracle cure. I’ve stopped drinking almost completely (alcohol is a lousy treatment for obesity AND depression!), dropped to within 10 pounds of my ideal weight, come off almost all of my blood pressure and cholesterol medication, and for the first time in YEARS, developed an optimistic outlook toward the future.

Wow, I sound like I was really messed up, huh?! :smile:

Anyway, HAPPY HOLIDAYS and BEST OF LUCK IN 2018, EVERYONE!!! May your days be happy and high!


nicely done @kushpa


That is awesome news @kushpa Congratulations on your success with getting off the meds, the weight loss and overall better outlook on life. Oh, and congrats on the black Friday find too!