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Here is my new small space. Office, Studio, Galley, And; All the basics a shut in needs to get through the day :slight_smile:



Very nice diggs


Its bigger than my apartment


Glory what more a man needs huh , just enough room for no company !!!


Hey,looks good from what I saw.for some reason I could only get 2 of the pictures. Good luck with the place! Mike


The picks finally came threw! It will be tight, but do able. It gives a whole new prospective on what you will keep and what goes in a garage sale. Good luck, Mike


I have 2 acres, a commercial greenhouse and a studio being built. Do not need to have a garage sale; Just a fire :imp:


I want build an add on to the house with secret passage door air sealed with ducking for venting , inline fans from outside to bring in fresh air , heating and air climate control , co2 chamber , and light movers rail system with hydro section , soil section with a flower section . So the room will be in 4 chambers with a Titan control module to operate and functions everything in growing . T-5 and CFL for the vegging chamber , HPS and LED for the flower chamber , and I can have everything in simplicity . Reservoir with web flow system , soil with self wicking system , and coco coir with top feed spray misting system . I’m trying to draw up the draft for the blue prints . But that would be hell of cool and a storm shelter as well incorporated .


@Kushpa just added the tag at the end of your post



OK hope this doesn’t offend
Three nuns was on their way to town one day when a bus run them off the side of a ravine. Well all three died and went to heaven, and was greeted by st.Peter. He said, ladies I have to ask you each a question and if you are correct you can go in.
1st nun walks up " You know God made the moon,the stars, and earth, he also made a man what is his name? The nun said Adam.the trumpets blew the angels sang the gate opened she went in.
#2 walks up you know God made the heavens, the moon ectr ectr, he made a women what is her name? She said Eve, and the trumpet blew the angel sang the gate opend and she went in.
#3 old st.peter said I’ve got to make this one harder. You know God made the moon and stars ect etc etc etc etc what was the first thing eve said to Adam? She scratched her head and said, boy that is a hard one!!!
And the trumpets blew the angels sang the gates opened and she went in


Your missing the end of your joke buddy @Nug-bug


Don’t know what happened


There it’s all there now.


There was a little boy outside throwing the ball with his dad, when the little boy looked over the yard and seen the neighbors dogs (hooked up) "Daddy what they doing? the dad thought oh my gosh what am i going to tell him? I’ll just tell him the truth. Son they are trying to make puppies, the boy said OK and went back to playing.
A couple days later the boy happened in upon his parents and said, dad what you doing with mama. The parents looked at each other , we’ll tell him the truth. Son we trying to make you another brother or sister. The boy said OK and went to go out,but half way out he turned and said hey dad could you flip her over I’d rather have a puppy!!!


What’s up everyone.

1st Xmas alone in my life. Going to be a very uneventful Holiday season. :frowning:

However; I wish all the rest of you, many happy memories throughout the season. Peace


@latewood wish the best over the holidays. I was just blessed with grand daughter number 2. So this Papa is on cloud nine! :cloud:


Merry Christmas and may you have a happy new year,


Trying to get some action in here?
No grow talk?
Tell a joke?


What’s white and crawls up your leg?


Uncle Ben’s perverted rice.