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I completely understand and I completely apologize, no bad intentions just trying to help out, as a side note, I did post pics just trying to get people to understand vs. Anything thought about as being negative , I apologize… I would like to still be a part of this forum , would it make any difference if I just gave these things to him and we never did it again , with no donations? Once again sorry to disappoint , I will never share personal information on this forum again… it would be nice thoe to be able to talk to people discreetly and I understand not for profit but just to have some sort of privacy when haveing certin discussions @latewood , @garrigan62… it wouldn’t bother me if you guys were able to oversee the private conversations because of course you run the site … not sure if that’s even possible I’m not really a computer guy , but either way I hope to remain a part of this family…:pensive:



@latewood by no means I had any intent to solicit anything Sir , I did post my phone number which was against the policy rules which will never happen again , but in my defense I been extremely busy with my 10 year old grandson with football , boys scout , and now basketball and I started a grow but will be traveling each month through out Christmas for 5-7 days starting next weekend and the self watering system I made an offer as to be a help to not loose my grow and really don’t have time to fabricate Sir , but my sincere apologies to you @latewood and every other member here cause I understand the offense and why it’s not tolerated . Again I do apologized and as you know @latewood I’ve been around the forum for about 3-4 years now and I’ve never crossed the lines are rules and had no intention on doing such a thing , but I did delete the post with my number and it won’t happen ever again , and I had no clue I was even considered for the list but my apologies again sincerely and I’m sorry for the long post but I just got in from a long day of football with my grandson , I had no idea I violated policies and didn’t have my iPad to log in to respond back to the email . It’s been so long I actual forgot my password here I setup my account with 4 years ago cause I just click on the app and it opens from iPad , I don’t log in from no other connection but my iPad , I don’t used my phone , home computer , only my iPad which I used from my grow journals , notes , and to communicate here with other cultivators . @peachfuzz I will not offer , nor ask to purchased , buy , nor trade anything due to forum policies and rules , and to give my up most respect I will not violate that policy , so disregard the offer and I apologize to you for not knowing that to be illegal against policy rules and I apologize to the staff , Robert and the whole ILGM team , I was out of order and I apologize . One’s mistake is his greater education for learning and it won’t happen again staff and fellow members , my apologies sincerely …Yoshi !



I am not suspending you guys. BY messaging you all I was able to take the weekend and come back fresh and both of you realize your simple mistake, and we move on. Thanks for the appropriate replies. (At least I hope I don’t read any rude followups…lol)

I am considering talking Amsterdam into installing a chat room. Would that make you guys happy? Does not mean it would be a free for all. This stuff costs a fortune to run…No really. At least you could share time in real time. Not sure the Boss will go for it but, it has been on my agenda for some time. So much to do.

As far as sharing tools and seeds and such; I have not got a solution for you. There is a couple out there but they are offsite, and I dare not say :imp:


I understand your position and reasoning Latewood , I won’t violate are promote any others to violate . Thanks again for doing your job and keeping the best forum in good standards under respect and honor .


Sounds great man ! I know what you mean about having your own place. Stressful sometimes but relaxing to know you can do what ever you want in your own place !


It has been nice sofar chased out all old plumbing built new bathroom rewired most of house new floors in 2 rooms and have plants in veg so liking it more every day


I just went into 10,000$ debt for a 30’ travel trailer to live in while we rebuild the main home. Actually, Me and the 'Ol Lady are splitting up, so I may be living in this Caravan for a long time.


Yikes , sorry to hear that @latewood… Hope things get better for u buddy… you never know it might be for the best anyways…



@latewood we are all family on here brother if you need anything we are all here for you sorry for the bad news just try to keep your head high and everything will work out for the better


Hey, on the subject of posting links and forum rules, real quick, @latewood, if I want to post a link to a light or something, is there any special “code” or anything I have to include for Dealzer and Amazon, or do they automatically know that it’s linked from here?

In other words, can I just look it up on Amazon and copy/paste the link directly, like http://amazon.com/link-to-product-here/?tag=greenrel-20


So I think that I might have f&@$ up my ankle, I just had surgery, on last weekend (surgery was Aug 5th). Was at the inlaws having dinner and my lil boy fell down the stairs an I went after him and maybe screwed something up in it. At least I see the surgeon on the 24th so I can ask him about it. Feels like something is stabbing me from the inside of my foot. An now it’s like the whole top of my foot that feels like that now. Seems to keep getting worse. Wife says maybe it the cold that’s affecting it now cause it finally getting cold up here. Either way well fiND out on the 24th.


@Zero420 sound like a bone spur , I had the same agony in my neck and not 3 plates , 6 screws , and @Latewood man I’m still trying to convince my wife to getting that 32’sandpiper 5 th wheel pull with back garage compartment for motorbikes are small sub or car , with 2 large slides and a smaller dining slide , man it’s a beautiful small palace . But these new models are small luxury in confine space is really nice and much more budget friendly than a modern home . It would be nice to park one on a half acre and put it on a slab with portable solar , generator and reverse osmosis water system …Living !!!


Sorry to here that latewood


Now That’s Hillarious!!


I have an original from Wayy back, my Grandfathers!


Hey Latewood, hope your new situation works out for you. Mike


This is good news. We have 2 acre+ lots side by side. I am on one and she is on the other. Leaving separate but, on the same 2-1/2 acres. All is good, as the kids would say :smiley:


I think…Yes??? LOL

Just post the link from Amazon or Dealzer, and one of our Staff will add the affiliate tag. Yes, that will be fine :slight_smile:


Hang in there. We are all banged up in one way or the other :slight_smile:


Hey Yoshi, speaking of living in small spaces, I went to look at one of those tiny houses like on tv. It was 41 square feet! After high school I lived in a 8x24 trailer for 2 yrs and I thought it was small, that tiny house, I swear if you had farted in the kitchen you would end up in the back yard! Mike